Blogging & Moving Forward

I have had my blog since January & I have noticed some things that irritate me about my blogging. For instance according to a post the average of a post should be 2,000 words. Also I need to be more in depth about who and what I am & stand for as an online entrepreneur.

Right now; I’ve been posting about my day to day and not driving too much traffic to my site. At the moment I’m using my iPhone 11 to do my post & WordPress wouldn’t allow me to post from my HP Laptop.

During the days of the week; I go to Heritage Day Care Center and I have been posting a lot about it. The Pastor; picks me up about 9:30AM to 10AM. Then as soon as we arrive; we have breakfast and coffee.

My little sister graduates from UTA today & I’m happy for her. Both of my sisters have graduated from UTA. My Mom; has also graduated from UTA and she’s thinking about going back to school. I have completed my Junior year at UTA & have completed Humanitarian Arts & Production at Texas Wesleyan. I’m hoping I can get student loan forgiveness.

I want to provide more content for my readers & start doing more for JF-Designs. I was recently accepted into “UTA’s AD & PR Network”.

Sunday Morning Blog Starting

I woke up at 6:30AM before everyone in the house has. I’m making coffee right now and I am having some problems with WordPress. I decided to go with a personal plan after making the purchase for the domain so I’m working on receiving some money back from the company. Used my heart rate monitor or also known as blood pressure machine.

I want to make a nice layout on my site and have a good successful blog. Ms. Charnel the owner of Cave Care Group Home where I stay in is the one who said I should start blogging again and my Dad said it would be a good Idea. I don’t know what my niche is going to be or my target audience will be but these are things I will work on this week when I go back to my house.

It’s now 8AM and we just got up; It’s amazing how much little kids know about technology; as well as bad words. My son is learning to read and he is very smart. I visit him on the weekends at my parents house. He’s in first grade and I love him very much.

Blogs are very popular and today I am starting my blogging journey. I have my Pinterest board of blogging and am using the tips I use from other bloggers. To start with I have had many blogs in the past; I started blogging about the age of 12. I have always been interested in my love for writing and although college was hard for me I love learning new stuff everyday.

The topics I want to blog about include self-help, anxiety, depression, growing in your faith with God, becoming a better version of yourself. I want to gear my blog towards entrepreneur start up and using what education I do have to help my readers.

9AM it has started snowing in Texas & drinking a good cup of coffee! This weekend with my family has been a big blessing and having them here for me has really helped. It’s supposed to rain and snow all day.

Blog Starting In January 2021;

Checking Out My First Site To Blog For Profit

Make Money Blogging: A New Blogger’s Guide to Profits – A CENTSational Life

I want to make $500 a month blogging and this article is about putting in the time and effort to make that happen for me.

  1. It takes time to grow it won’t happen over night.
  2. I haven’t set my domain name up yet; waiting for WordPress to cooperate. I want it to be and be posting on it regularly.
  3. I need to aim for excellence in my approach to blogging and be careful what I share on social media. Also keeping informative and life excelling information in the readers hands.
  4. Setting Up My Accounts now!

There are four ways to make money blogging; ads, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and supporting products.