Selfish Self🥰Care SunDay

You can tell when you’ve improved and when you take 10 steps forward; or 10 steps backwards. Do you compete for everything in your life? For example attention and financial stability.

10 Steps To 10 Steps Forward

1. Tell the truth about yourself & stop wearing the mask 😷 of denial.

2. Keep your secrets safe; if your discretion is advised be sure you weren’t 🏨 in a class with “Pretty Little Liars” like I was in 2014.

3. Courageous Talk & Actions take time and If it seems worth a lot to you, You end up taking a stand and making the most of important interventions.

4. The Train & The Sun ☀️ 😘 🚂 ; make the most of your life and seek things you want because you want and not because someone else wants.

5. Personal Relationships Maybe A Little Lonely 😞 when we don’t see eye to eye with each other’s points of view we get discouraged. Stop and check biased opinions about yourself and copartners situation before jumping to conclusions or making a mess or an ass out of yourself.

6. Jog your memory to accomplish where your road blocks are. When you see what good versus evil is in your deeds and actions you’ll strive to become greater or remain constant.

7. Don’t push your opinion onto people when it benefits you and your group you’ll feel it and stop with the defensive attitude.

8. You can’t take care of anyone or anything when you’re not at your best but you add more danger ⚠️ than good. Get yourself right then you can but not until then. Thanks Dad!

9. Silence is sometimes Golden 🧐 Research 🤩 and don’t jump to conclusions. Be respectful and responsible to prepare yourself when good times do arrive.

10. If your on daily medication 💊 take them wisely and safely that’s why the Doctor 👨‍⚕️ and Lawyers went to So Expensive of Schools 🏫 so we know we are getting the best of help. You can call 📞 #211 and get yourself set up like we are through having work experience and a hard medical background.

In my opinion this is wrong and we should be seeing eye to eye that we want to improve the freedom and grace of everyone in the group. Mr. Jones and I have a good relationship hell Harley Davidson and I have a good relationship. Though thankfully my manager and my Group Home 🏡 Mom’s are starting to see eye 👁 to eye with me as I strive to improve.

I appreciate all sorts but not when it’s distrustful and as insecure as our Political System has been of lately. I’m more of a conservative and Republican than a demote full liberal equalities activist.

Taking 10 Steps Backwards In The Backwoods

1. Try not to see your own self as a threat. You can tell when there is a problem and your unsafe.

2. It comes as a sensation to do wrong things that you know you shouldn’t and your too ashamed to ask for help.

3. Written words work; today must be journal 📓 therapy on Pinterest since I came to this many helpful tips for my readers. Though as you can tell keeping words isn’t always easy. Back sliding isn’t always a nice idea 💡 or even your idea but there are reasons behind it.

4. Doesn’t help to keep it all bottled up and yes I was a bartender at one time but there’s boundaries you need to learn about.

5. Trust is earned and it’s best to try to earn it the hard way than taking it out on other people and burning 🔥 bridges 🌉 lose selfish pride.

6. We all live by forward motion and everything affects everything it’s how God programmed it and know your not in charge no matter how rich or powerful you are.

7. Voices are simply that voices and words are fueled to the fire 🔥 things will work better if you get to all the proper understanding before starting some big rioting outbursts.

8. Think about what you really want … is it your safety or your pride and is it your rights or your voice just to be heard.

9. We struggle together and it’s safer in numbers. We can learn to use the help and opinions of everyone to get to a conclusion of what works best.

10. Stop trying to do life all by yourself but don’t indulge in a situation that’s against your best interest to please people or try to suck up to other people.

I’m a Liberal Arts Major but I’ve learned too keep my mouth 👄 closed in the enduring time of Co-Vid19. My Dad & I haven’t had nearly as many new and fun interesting conversations as when Trump was blasting from the Media Scene.

Some People feel they don’t learn until they have approval by the mass of crowds they desire. Like adding new stuff to my blog. I would love 💕 if people contributed to the form for below my blog post to add me a tip. Yes “uno dinero” is just as good as anything and I try hard to give all due respect and gratitude to as many people as I can.

The Love of Your Own History

I can say I have had a couple of relationships with people who have either helped me or hurt me. I have disorganized love attachment; according to articles I have found; check out My Pinterest; in order to check your attachment style. That’s why it’s best for me to stay single & I want to have a good Valentines.

Quotes On Being Single

  • “Single isn’t a status. It’s a word that describes a person who is strong enough to enjoy life without depending on the wrong people.”
  • “It takes a strong person to remain single in a world that is accustomed to settling with anything just to say they have something.” Quote Found On Pins
  • “Being Single & having peace of mind is much better than being in a relationship where you feel single & have no peace of mind.”

As much as I try to get it correct and connect in a caring way things back fire or something goes wrong. I wish their was a way to stop the vicious cycle and with the power of the internet and self-learning; then expressing to “You” My Reader how the information I have found corelates to finding correction to a love of somehow growing and maturing as a community.

The Different Attachment Styles

Normally your parents attachment style will affect your style. Things in your history can affect how you feel towards love and other things within your relationships.

Disorganized Attachment; wants intimacy but fear it, expects to be hurt, faces fear of rejection.

Secure; Comfortable with Intimacy, Self – Sufficient, Capable of Trust, Positive view of self & others.

Anxious; Seeks excessive intimacy, seeks constant reassurance, overly preoccupied with the relationship, Negative view of self.

Avoidant; Uncomfortable with intimacy, overly independent, can seem distant, positive view of self.



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Until Valentine’s Day

Being vulnerable in today’s society is tough on some; we don’t know what direction to turn to and at times and we don’t know who to turn to. We don’t know if we made a good or bad choice; and sometimes, you just have to get yourself out of a funk. My Dad once told me that guys will do anything to get sex. Which sex isn’t love; and I am planning on sustaining from the negative situation this causes.

As a Single Christian Woman, I haven’t always been as careful as I needed to be in relationships and taking care of myself. I am learning to take things as they come and live one God given day at a time; throughout my depression, anxiety, and most importantly my life is in Gods hands.

Ways To Rock At Being Single or Away From Your Loved Ones While Following God’s Path For Your Life.

  1. Though I have talked to a few cute faces; and we seem to be communicating well. It’s important to stay faithful to your commitments; I wish this could be something I could sit down & talk to a counselor about.
  2. Build and deepen your relationship with God; start having a healthy and loving relationship with yourself and with God. I have been in a funk these last few days; I guess it’s the weather changing, or the way my medications have an effect on me but I have been through my highs and my lows emotionally, without shedding one tear.
  3. Have Honesty, and Trust, and the Courage to be vulnerable. One thing I have learned is not everything is your fault. It is sometimes a hard thing for me to deal with but there are some things we can control and we have to have the courage to let go of the rest. Like when my Dad can’t pick me up on the weekends or something doesn’t go according to plan. I have to find faith in God to just take it as it comes and see that things get better.
  4. As Christians we are to die to ourselves daily and offer grace and love even when we don’t feel like it. A strong relationship with Christ will prepare you for Marriage; I used to think I didn’t want to get Married. I’ve had a few offers and non of them worked out, including my ex which was about 8 years ago; and my son is in the care of my parents and I’m glad to say “The Family Is Doing Good!”
  5. Life is too short to wait for someone to join you in things that you could have done already. Learn with me to daily taking better care of ourselves and finding things to do that you are able and willing to create a fun and interesting life for yourself without going to overboard or ending in jail. Don’t be so eager to change your status romantically or economically. God has you exactly where you are for a reason.