Amon Carter Museum

The Main Room: I forgot the names to the artwork & the artist for each piece of artwork but these are the ones showing at the Amon Carter Museum right now during February.

The New Carter | Amon Carter Museum of American Art : You can study them on your own online.

I bought some Ninja Pencils by “Ooly” at the Library’s Gift Shop & I have loved using these & have written so much since I came home from my day trip with my case manager. She also gave me a notebook and a sketchbook. Though while I was there I kept wanting to use my sketchbook but didn’t because I was too shy. Sometimes my social anxiety disorder gets the best of me.

As I want to become better at my Art There is several steps to start taking that will help me succeed. I didn’t draw at the Museum but I am preparing to draw and learn a few lessons on how to be better at Art. I took art at Tarrant County College & have completed a few works myself.

How Does An Artist Begin:

Step 1 : Brainstorm / Pre-Think; Discuss, Question, Think, Reflect, Research, Ask, and Wonder through the process of art.

  • Learn from History; It is stated that if we don’t learn from history we are bound to repeat it. I am discovering more about my own truth and how to have a firm grasp on where I stand in life.
  • Learn from Mistakes; I have already discussed this in previous blogs and I really don’t like to repeat myself on the same story over and over again.

Step 2 Plan / Preparing ; Research, Choose, Decide, Sketch, List, Respond, Investigate, and Explore.

  • I have my sketchbook’s and my new pencils, and my colored pencils I got at 5 and below, as well as my water colors, and acrylic paints.
  • I have made 15 entries in my Spiral Bound that I have not completed; seems I start one thing then go on to the next. I need to see completed work.

Step 3 Create / Executing ; Decide, Problem-Solve, Engage, Reference, Respond, Think, and Reflect.

  • Sharing this with you will prepare me for wanting to do better in my art. Since I want to share my art with the world.
  • The exhibit was abstract mostly and about history; I am thinking of ways to use art to express ways in which I can make an impact and change.

Step 4 Reflect / Post Thinking ; Critique, Reflect, Discuss, Think, Respond, Refine.

  • Rembrandt was my favorite art there; I loved the Mythical pieces.
  • I would suggest this Museum to others.