Thursday Thought-fullness

Me and my housemate went out today with our caseworker; first to McDonald’s and a gas station where I bought a pack of L&Ms and At McDonald’s I bought a large 🍟 fry and a large coffee ☕️. Then we went shopping and I didn’t buy much but three bags of candy and Pepsi. Then we went to the museum.

Being Thoughtful includes making time for others. I’m glad our caseworker was able to spend some time with us. Tomorrow he’s coming in the morning to spend time with me and my housemate again.

I’m sitting on the fresh carpet and folding clothes. On Tuesday & Thursday I call my Dad and we talk. I’m happy I get to see my parents Saturday. Although I won’t be able to see the little one.

Tuesday’s Team Work

What does it take to be a leader? In my opinion it takes some time to get used to the people you work with. Knowing you can trust people; and trying to gain trust in return. Once you have built good teamwork going relationships you need to take pride in the current moment and keep a Christian Perspective on small improvements.

12 Steps To Amazing 🤩 Team Work

1. Everything gets better in time but you can’t just stop 🛑 the process when trials get in the way. For instance when a problem has occurred at The Group Home 🏡 I have learned not to be part of the drama and I’m better staying out of it.

The police 👮‍♀️ have had to come in to take care of some situations but I haven’t been in any danger and I keep calm knowing I am not causing problems.

2. You have to want to be a team player and not take a backseat to life. Your life is your life but more importantly it’s a gift 💝 from “God Of Nation Armies” !!!

Don’t seek out a role you’re not ready for and take time to see where you can best fit your needs while also meeting the needs of others in the group.

3. Check out a personality profile on 🥰 ! I’m an INTP; meaning I am a deep thinker and an introvert who loves to learn.

4. Focus on the positive aspects of your situation & it takes just one person to set a bad vibe to the whole tribe. We can all tell when we are having a good time together but be aware because as good as the situation can get. There’s always something that can throw yourself and your team off track. So be prepared when this happens by having a back up plan.

5. Seems my caseworker is running a bit late ⏰! Don’t fret over something you can’t control but make sure you keep your word and don’t flake or cause drama over not getting your way. Be patient and ready for whatever life or the project that needs to be completed ✅ calls for.

6. Communication is key; and I have learned a lot as a Communication Major. I like to discuss the things that I am learning to my readers and tell of my stories and how the things I learned are useful in my life.

7. Things work better when you cooperate and stop fighting to always get your way. When things don’t work out the way you planned on them take a step back and see what could have happened differently. Just because it didn’t happen when you wanted it to doesn’t mean it won’t; so stick in there and don’t beat yourself up.

8. There is no I in Team! We all end up as a part of the group and most of this is what we learned in school 🏫 when you see yourself drifting off or someone being excluded 👽 pick up the pieces.

10. My caseworker is here and I rescheduled my appointment for 1PM; when it was at 10:45AM. We’re going to drive around and then go to the Dollar Tree 🌲. I took initiative in my own hands and wasn’t sure if I made a good decision. He said thank you.

I haven’t always been consecutive about my choices or habits. Though since My 34rd Birthday I have received so much help with getting my life together. I willingly want to continue down a good path and see daily consecutive improvement.

My Caseworker is coming soon and everyone left to go to the center that they go to. Except for the elderly woman who I shared a room with for a little bit as she kept waking me up in the middle of the night.

Chloe & Miss Cookie

Our Family’s puppy dog Chloe died yesterday. I read the text that my Dad sent me around 7 o’clock last night this Morning. I’m sad to say she had a Brain 🧠 Aneurism & passed.

Chloe was a sweet puppy; a carrier terrier. She was of old age and we had her a long time. It’s sad whenever someone or something close to you dies.

My house care givers name is Ms. Cookie 🍪 she sat us down for a meeting last night & we have to do better about doing our chores.

Monday Morning Mystery’s

Good Morning! It’s 7:45AM; and I have had a hard time sleeping. I was woken up at 3:30AM. I just received .50cents for a cigarette from one of my housemates. I’m trying to cut back on smoking cigarettes.

No one in the world is a mind reader; and somethings are better left unsaid. Especially when someone is trying to force a thought into your head. My new roommate is an elderly woman who used to be a school teacher. I like what she chooses to watch on TV; but not when it wakes me up in the middle of the night.

I took a shower this morning and am looking forward to going to Heritage. Hopefully we’ll work today; and sort more mail. We had a new care giver and I think she did a really great job. The food was good, she let us go outside during the right times. She was also very encouraging and had patience to be kind.

As most of my reader’s know . . . I’m a Communications Major. My Mystery is how I’m going to pay back my Student Loans on FAFSA and continue My Education.

Juneteenth € 16 MM

Just blessed My House Manager wishing her a Happy Juneteenth 🥧 … 🌭 … 🍟 …🥤… Today has been an extremely blessed day 💕 !! I’m mostly Taiwanese & My Grandpa fought in the North Korean War!

Everything happens for a reason! My Father sent me $50… As it’s Friday 💰… My Father also said That we’re going to go out to eat at my favorite restaurant on the 20th! His favorite father is Pop 🥂 PoP Floyd 🍾 @Jin’s by the Target 🎯 I first worked at on Cooper St.

Raining Dreams

Good Morning; it’s raining 🌧 and storming out here in Texas. Just ate breakfast; of grits and sausage & had a cup of coffee. Yesterday; I went to Bethel Church and had a decent day of sleep.

I try to have a good attitude most of the time; and the weight of the world 🌎 can not sit on one’s individual shoulders. You only give into evil if that’s your choice; after all there was created both evil & good in this world.

You are However; responsible for the maturity and growth you pertain as an individual. That’s what success is measured by… I’m learning that it’s not by simply getting along with everyone but to live in harmony through the good times and the bad.

It’s supposed to be raining for several days; and here in Texas we can always use the rain ☔️. Things aren’t always up to us. I have never known all the reasons or answers; but I do what I can to survive in this life. Praying each day to God; for the rest of eternity.

Doodling & Patiently Waiting To Do Laundry

Today is laundry day; before I moved out of my parents house; I remember days when I would stand in front of my mothers washer and dryer and do loads of laundry. I had a good life back then with my parents & lately I’m emotionally missing them; thinking of all the ways I had been disrespectful to them & myself in my 20’s up till recently. It’s been 2 months (Since I got back from H.E.B. Mental Hospital in Denton) & 2 weeks since I’ve gotten back from JPS & I’ve been doing better each day.

Waiting patiently is really what matters. I know now that all the times I’ve left with a bad attitude to do something destructive about 5 to 7 times; was the wrong choice. I am thankful that SSDI & my parents; help me every month to pay my rent of $675 & Dad sends $50 through Venmo every Friday.

Holding on to what you have & not getting involved in other people’s business; while at the same time being helpful & kind; is something that has become more important to me. I am wanting to become dedicated to the “Long Term Help” I have & am receiving each day.

Be Mindful That Love Is Patient.

I need to be considerate that things don’t happen over night; that God takes us one step at a time to shape us into the person he really wants us too become. Quarantine has put The Nation at a quiet time of not being able to go out and do life as we used to. The Spiritual definition of Patience is strength and perseverance and is equal to growth for God and having strength for Him.

God has a perfect plan for us. He never does it all at once he takes it step by step because he wants to teach us to walk by faith and not by sight. I have a tattoo of this on my left ankle that has the quote and a guitar with music notes; I have five tattoos. We have to face the facts that sometimes we are just not in charge. With Trumps impeachment it’s important not to blame the wrong people; and be patient.

We Are All On The Journey To Who Our True Selves Are: God created us all differently; and we all have our own hopes and dreams, our own desires and fears, and our own values and priorities. It’s good to start doing your own personal research on more than just school topics. Research; your interest and seeking ways to get help that can help you become a better version of yourself. I have learned lately I have a passion for self-help articles on Pinterest; I have over 100 boards on Pinterest.

  • What do you do for a living? Do you like it? I worked in retail sales and as a cashier; and am retired. I blog for a hobby and would like to start making some money for writing and doing work online.
  • What’s Important To You? Why? It’s important to me that my creativity is shared with others and I learn to like myself for what I can accomplish.

Begin To Trust Yourself More Often; We can take a leap of faith here and begin to see the good that is happening in life despite the political and health concern of Co-Vid 19. I’m glad to say that no one I know has been affected by the massive outbreak but we are still in Quarantine. I am in slow recovery of becoming a clean and better version of myself and willing to share my journey with my readers. To start with I am writing more and coming up with some great content to provide you with.

Websites Offering More On How To Be Patient & Mindful:

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