Heat Waves & Hospital Stays

Its 6PM & I got home from the hospital at 3PM; our weather is getting hot 🥵! My group home MGR received my discharge paper work & gave me my five cigarettes. I have been in the “Mesa Springs” 🏥 since the 25th.

I was surprised that My True Mental Health Personnel was taking me to the 🏥 on Friday. I just got informed that we needed to stop 🛑 services with True Mental.

Each day during inpatient rehab we had about five group sessions lead by the Therapist and Nurses. We learned how to communicate better and there were about 9 people in my group in the “Willows Division”! For the most part I drank a lot of coffee and sodas in my new Tumblr and for the last three days I had no cigarettes to smoke 💨.

I’m happy to say I’m home 🏠; I also called & FaceTime with my Dad & he sent me $50 on my Venmo account. I got into the MHMR vehicle and met my new case manager and before he dropped me off at the house he helped me by taking me to the Shell 🐚 and I spent $12 on a pack of American Spirits 🚬🪛 Military Green & a green lighter.

Amon Carter Museum

The Main Room: I forgot the names to the artwork & the artist for each piece of artwork but these are the ones showing at the Amon Carter Museum right now during February.

The New Carter | Amon Carter Museum of American Art : You can study them on your own online.

I bought some Ninja Pencils by “Ooly” at the Library’s Gift Shop & I have loved using these & have written so much since I came home from my day trip with my case manager. She also gave me a notebook and a sketchbook. Though while I was there I kept wanting to use my sketchbook but didn’t because I was too shy. Sometimes my social anxiety disorder gets the best of me.

As I want to become better at my Art There is several steps to start taking that will help me succeed. I didn’t draw at the Museum but I am preparing to draw and learn a few lessons on how to be better at Art. I took art at Tarrant County College & have completed a few works myself.

How Does An Artist Begin:

Step 1 : Brainstorm / Pre-Think; Discuss, Question, Think, Reflect, Research, Ask, and Wonder through the process of art.

  • Learn from History; It is stated that if we don’t learn from history we are bound to repeat it. I am discovering more about my own truth and how to have a firm grasp on where I stand in life.
  • Learn from Mistakes; I have already discussed this in previous blogs and I really don’t like to repeat myself on the same story over and over again.

Step 2 Plan / Preparing ; Research, Choose, Decide, Sketch, List, Respond, Investigate, and Explore.

  • I have my sketchbook’s and my new pencils, and my colored pencils I got at 5 and below, as well as my water colors, and acrylic paints.
  • I have made 15 entries in my Spiral Bound that I have not completed; seems I start one thing then go on to the next. I need to see completed work.

Step 3 Create / Executing ; Decide, Problem-Solve, Engage, Reference, Respond, Think, and Reflect.

  • Sharing this with you will prepare me for wanting to do better in my art. Since I want to share my art with the world.
  • The exhibit was abstract mostly and about history; I am thinking of ways to use art to express ways in which I can make an impact and change.

Step 4 Reflect / Post Thinking ; Critique, Reflect, Discuss, Think, Respond, Refine.

  • Rembrandt was my favorite art there; I loved the Mythical pieces.
  • I would suggest this Museum to others.