Witness Protection On Halloween Weekend

Why isnt and is major parties? Of course when it comes too judgement it is interesting to use your imagination. Though when I smoke the Truth and when I talk to Pals I have signed my name up to dangerous self-esteeming groups. The money has never been all mine. Especially in Heritages Rat Race to Independence.

For me The Group Home is more like a Boarding Home. In order; to say safer and out of trouble and mischief. I must be optimizing my health and my emotions and my higher being. I love each one of my friends but as friends know it takes a whole team to raise them. I wish I could spend time with my son This Halloween but seems I’ll be taking in stride of the bag of candy, three candy bars, and the Punisher.

The Pokémon GO Halloween Event Is on its Way - Nintendo Life
Pokémon : My Son is Pikachu
Sanrio Halloween | Sanrio, Hello kitty, Little twin stars

I used to love camping . . . today at 711 – I bought a Large Coffee I blended with some pumpkin spice and a pack of Camel Crushes. Each one was crushing a heart for work before I stopped. When you go into a hospital like MESA Springs they do let you smoke but at JPS they don’t. I’ve smoked a lot in the last month and I’m grateful I’m reusing old notes while other people in my class are.

Waking Up to Working Weeks

I started work at McDonald’s when I was chosen at 15 by a 🤴🏿 to work and go to school 🏫 at McNeese College and then they took a dangerous step up ⬆️ to Casa Ole then school got scary 😧 even for myself and my roommate and my whole group of my boyfriends squad of amigos.

My tips weren’t very good 👍 then; I learned too suck it 🆙. My Dad went to MSU and is an engineer 👷‍♀️ ; I was a retail stock agent. From Target 🎯 to Ross To Ross Parole. The last job I worked at was Wal-Mart and yes if you are taking 8 AZO’s helps. Though also helping my 8th Heritage Line is help <Ing>.

Power to me is just Power. I have witnessed all sorts of stuff but the letters I wrote have waking up dangerous stuff. ATM I’m reading and working through “The Night Portrait” asking old friends for Help From what I discovered and am currently discovering 👰🏼‍♂️ and 🧑🏼‍⚖️ to 🥷 and 🧛🏼.

Smoking My Vaporizer

We can wake up and join you but your feeling of uncertainty can hurt 😞 sometimes. I got jealousies that are discerning about my vaporizer. My Dad bought me tigers blood 🩸 which has messed up my 🧮 . It’s good to do what you can for yourself and your family. Medical research has trash 🗑 duty.

Tokyo War tactics: everyone is special but how special. Afterlife has all my recycling and it was my favorite club. Taking someone else’s special stuff can hurt so son don’t hit us.

Thursday Thought-fullness

Me and my housemate went out today with our caseworker; first to McDonald’s and a gas station where I bought a pack of L&Ms and At McDonald’s I bought a large 🍟 fry and a large coffee ☕️. Then we went shopping and I didn’t buy much but three bags of candy and Pepsi. Then we went to the museum.

Being Thoughtful includes making time for others. I’m glad our caseworker was able to spend some time with us. Tomorrow he’s coming in the morning to spend time with me and my housemate again.

I’m sitting on the fresh carpet and folding clothes. On Tuesday & Thursday I call my Dad and we talk. I’m happy I get to see my parents Saturday. Although I won’t be able to see the little one.

Monday’s Moody Motivation

I’m glad I just got off my period. Drinking my last bit of coffee ☕️ and we had oatmeal & sausage for breakfast. It’s Monday & that means a fresh week at Heritage. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed as I am trying to go through my life’s categories binder writing ✍️ down notes from what I’ve learned about on Pinterest and in my courses.

It’s good to find what is at the core of your obstacles and to how to better define yourself. Though not through becoming codependent and denying yourself at someone else’s expense. I am responsible for my words, actions, and belief system without trying to make people feel upset that they don’t understand me.

I am responsible for my efforts, mistakes, and consequences. It’s important that I stay true to myself and my family and group. I go to see a surgeon tomorrow for my hand 🤚.

Reasons To Love

Love is patient, love is kind, love doesn’t envy, it doesn’t boast, it holds no record of wrong. 1 Corinthians 13

The definition of resilience means being able to get back up after you have failed in someway. That’s one reason I love myself. After I have messed up I eventually come back to my senses and recognize what was wrong.

I have a good personality especially on my good days. I now have come to a point where I am not fighting with life and am actually going to God and people that are here to help me.

I have inner ambition and am happier when I am at my best instead of being depressed and upset.

My Stay At The Hospital

I just got out of “Mesa Springs” Hospital 🏥 I’ve been in the hospital almost 20 days this month. I got out at 9:45AM & my MHMR case manager picked me up. The food 🍱 was great and the stay comfortable. I am at “Heritage Day Care Center!” Where I’ve been since I got dropped off.

They put me on some new medicine and I have started to feel better although I have a pretty bad cough. The discharge papers are in an orange 🍊 folder and ready for the manager of Cave Care to view. Hopefully I can see that I can move into the new house on Meadow-brook.

I am planning on going to outpatient therapy and doing the best I can.

Heat Waves & Hospital Stays

Its 6PM & I got home from the hospital at 3PM; our weather is getting hot 🥵! My group home MGR received my discharge paper work & gave me my five cigarettes. I have been in the “Mesa Springs” 🏥 since the 25th.

I was surprised that My True Mental Health Personnel was taking me to the 🏥 on Friday. I just got informed that we needed to stop 🛑 services with True Mental.

Each day during inpatient rehab we had about five group sessions lead by the Therapist and Nurses. We learned how to communicate better and there were about 9 people in my group in the “Willows Division”! For the most part I drank a lot of coffee and sodas in my new Tumblr and for the last three days I had no cigarettes to smoke 💨.

I’m happy to say I’m home 🏠; I also called & FaceTime with my Dad & he sent me $50 on my Venmo account. I got into the MHMR vehicle and met my new case manager and before he dropped me off at the house he helped me by taking me to the Shell 🐚 and I spent $12 on a pack of American Spirits 🚬🪛 Military Green & a green lighter.

Happy Groundhog Day

Do you feel like time hurries or slows down? For me it feels like the mornings are the best, I woke up at 6:30AM. Made some Maxwell House instant coffee and smoked a cigarette. Nights are for sleeping; as I went to bed right after dinner about 7PM. I hope everyone has had a good Winter so far; the days change from time to time as well as the temperatures.

According to my Mini Happy Planner, Spring doesn’t arrive till the 20th of March. Though Groundhogs are creatures with a sign that welcomes or projects that our weather will stay or change. The winter has held precious memories for me. On October 8th; I decided to come back to the “Group Home” and start living a clean and healthier life.

Today the groundhog didn’t show his shadow; predicting that there will be six weeks of early Spring.

Groundhog Day Fast Facts (msn.com)

I have found something that makes me think about healthy things; also we just got a new puppy dog … His name is “Ice” & We’re working together to make sure he’s happy here at the group home.

The Chinese Medicine Clock

The Chinese Body Clock:

Chinese Body Clock: About, Benefits, Research (healthline.com)

So let’s see; I woke up at 6:30AM and as soon as I woke up I smoked a cigarette and checked my heart rate; with the heart rate monitor that my Doctor gave me. I’ve been checking my heart rate for the past two months.

If Your Dealing With Some Heart Issues; I’m starting exercise goals today to get myself healthy.

  1. I will start meditating in the mornings with my Chakra set; instead of going outside to smoke a cigarette.
  2. I will be mindful of how I need to be grateful for the things God has given me and do less laying in bed and going to sleep.
  3. I will use Affirmations and Quotes and Guides from Pinterest to build up till March 20th on a solid workout plan.

Check Out My Pinterest Board on Exercise @ Pinterest

Check Out My Pinterest Board on Working Out @ Pinterest