Pulling A Camp-style All Nighter

I saw on the news; that they are giving 👮‍♀️ tickets to people that are camping without a camping 🏕 license a $500! I’ve been to group and individual camps… 17 times!!! In the past; visiting friends & family. I miss … Youth Church Camping! My son is taking summer school instead of camps this year; but he recently got kicked out for hitting his teacher.

Ever since I was a little girl “My Family” has been very outdoorsy! I’m a country girl by heart 💜 I’m also into anything strange and different. My Dad took me to “The BassMaster Classic” & I’ve lived good and gotten to go fishing with my Father over 15,000 times! I grew up a Daddy’s Girl! We traveled a lot when I was little following my Grandfather and Grandmother!

I also had a bad attitude on some days & was normally lazy on other days. Then productive on some days with mixtures of fun 🤩 included. I first went camping when I was 14 1/2 with a group and the main king was ❤️ John! Johnny Boy … See you on the other side of the train 🚂!

First when I was 15; it was me & my roommate at McNeese Boulevard. I was impacted by Hurricane Katrina and received a FEMA / FAFSA ✅🦣 I enjoyed my dorm and at that time … I was “Slightly Stooped” on a “Cheap Trick” because I was so young, naive, stubborn, and pride always comes before the fall.

When I returned back where I went to school in DeRidder; then I started working at “Golden Corral” selling okra and carrots 🥕 I was considered a “Porch Money” & I have spent 32,000 hours outside as a “Cherokee with a Chief” & With A “Officer In Command”!

The list of names is wrong in my opinion; although there’s things I’m currently doing to increase the good and fortune 🔮 things of my future… In America 🇺🇸 Things have been very uncertain & I hope that everyone received some good financial strength as of lately.

Biden; please guide this country by the Wisdom reached at a communal Christian fellowship. I did really well at TCC in AP Government & I would love ❤️ to watch the new “Purge” Movie 🎥 📲 !!!

So I took a step back … it’s like I’ll move 1 step forward and 2 steps back & two steps forward and one step back. I danced up a storm today & totally it’s been worth it seeing & remembering a face of the past.

Be Safe; on your next camping trip <&?!>

1. Choose your friends closely; remember your always responsible for how messed up you get! If you can’t handle your drink or your smoke… step aside & find a quiet way to chill.

2. Keep up with your personal belongings; no one in “Adult World” is going too; although friends are there to help at times we can and cannot be trusted.

3. Leave the bullshit before going into the social area; this applies first to work, then to learning educationally, then at romantically engaging in activities. 💕 Miss xoxo Suicide Girls!!!

It’s 3:10 & that about wraps up this $10 peace ☮️ offering & me & my buddy still out straight white girl chillin! I’ve got a case manager coming at 8AM!!

Best Of Luck On A Saturday Morning

Thank you for my first comment! I had better intentions; I knew but in someway or another I always ran away from being the most responsible person that I could be.

It wasn’t that I was ill equipped; but my Care Giver this morning said “Stop Playing With My Intelligence…” and the care giver from last night stated that “Life is Temporary…”.

My Grandfather’s we’re Poppa Floyd & JB Skeleton… Meanwhile; I have invested into a working relationship from all parts of a Social Structured Economy $ Where we all share of similar ideas, values, and expressions.

In a way these are harsh statements, but I think that they are in my best interest to start finally seeing life as it comes and take it step by step to daily improvement.

I am not a bad person; I’ve (AKA) just not always been the wisest or most determinedly disciplined. If you have done your research you would have known that both of my grandparents have fought in the Korean (Korsmo) War.

Things I Want In My Future;

  1. My friends to really trust me and to build good relationships built on mutual respect and not just because we have to get along but because we genuinely want to kindle a relationship that is everlasting. Seems God made us for relationships; and in the past 11 years I have ran off the people that came into my life.
  2. Not having everything perfect is kind of what makes things fun in life; but I do want to take better control of my situations in life and be a good steward of the life God has provided. We all pay a price and nothing comes for free; there’s nothing like the difference between knowing that your doing the wrong or right things. Right now I have been slowly easing into a transitional phase of starting to do the right things versus putting away a life that was damaging.
  3. Daily Steps In The Right Directions; today I want to do some research and my main source of research is Pinterest. I have been sober three months and have been feeling better. It’s amazing how all aspects of life effect each other. You can’t only be focused on one area of your life and let the others go to the wastelands. You also shouldn’t find yourself stuck in the wastelands as a humanitarian I have lived in all sorts of manners; some pleasing and some not to pleasing.
  4. I need to take pride in what I have; I have a house that is mine and friends that are mine but realizing that coming of age if your not doing your best to keep up with everything in mind of retrospective and setting improvement everyday… You fail to neglect your responsibilities which only hurts yourself; I’ve needed this phase of repair for about 11 years; no body is going to live for you and at the end of the day no one is responsible for how you speak, act, or behave but yourself.
  5. Managing what I have is not too hard; and I need to stop being so lazy. My parents have been preaching this for years and I’m finally seeing that I was making myself miserable and only I’m too blame for the choices I made. I don’t plan on continuing these bad choices; but when you make up your mind to do something you need to stick to the original plan and not embark on choices of random will; then you’ll be known as a flake. .

This Morning; Saturday Is Downtime – We don’t go to the Center on the Weekend and I heard from my manager that our group will start work but she will tell us when.

Before my old roommate passed away her future husband gave me a book 📚; I have read barely even chapter one of “The Real World” by Natsuo Kirino. I’m on page 18 …

Seems I put too many projects on my plate & need to stop 🛑 multitasking!!!

My roommate is still asleep; and I just had the best cup of coffee and a cigarette. I need to think hard about what direction my life is going in… I called my family from the store yesterday; after I said I wouldn’t. I say one thing then turn around and do something totally different. I’m just not making sense right now. That’s the hardest thing I have to deal with is really speaking truth and making something out of myself.

Now don’t rush off and judge me; It seems we see things that other people don’t see and I mean well and normally keep to myself. Though; there’s definitely great room for improvement. Like doing more work around the house and taking pride in what God has provided for me here. I have a desire in my heart to see myself reach things that I wanted to achieve ever since I was 23 and get into a good lifestyle of taking care of myself and my belongings. I’ve learned the hard way that if you don’t take pride in what you have you loose it. There’s already so much I have lost but there’s still so much to gain.

My roommate woke up at 12:30PM; and asked about breakfast… She told me not to wake her up. So I tried to stay out of the room most of the morning. I woke up about 9AM; and I just want to relax today and do some research on how I can improve the quality of my life and doing better from now on.

Pinterest Articles & Tips On Improving Your Life

Ways To Build Confidence; Instead of running off or calling my family or getting mad at staff or at housemates I need to understand that I am in charge of myself. These people are here to help me but they can’t be used as a crutch; I have all the resources I need to improved my life. I just need to stop and take the time to use the resources to the best of my advantage and not the people. The Golden Rule; treat other’s the way they want to be treated holds true and lately I don’t think things have been going in the best way that they could.

Tips & Learning

  1. I’m looking for a counselor and needing to schedule appointments for things like an OBGYN and a Dental Appointment. These things are my responsibility although I have MHMR there to help; my case manager said this week that I’m able to schedule these appointments on my own and do my part of the work. After all; these things are to improve my overall health and in my best interest. The key point here is too be responsible and take intuitive into your own hands.
  2. Confidence can be described as a feeling of self-assurance from one’s ability… As I’ll be 34 this year I am a Grown Woman of God and no longer dependent on my family as much as I was. Although; I say that I need reassurance from myself and I have grown apart from my family and they don’t make the decisions meaning that I do. I need to be less codependent on them and start focusing on what’s right for me.
  3. Everybody’s purpose and life are different; although we all share the same house we all should contribute. Stop Comparing; maybe things weren’t fair when you were little you have to let go of the hurt and drama and set yourself free from the pain of oppression you feel within yourself. You can’t let others walk all over you and you have to stand your own ground.
  4. Some of my best skills and qualities are that I’m a good listener and I make an effort to help others feel like their included. I enjoy the arts and writings; and I also enjoy learning and working on living my best life. I would like to improve on my list of skills and qualities in the next 6 months.
  5. Don’t let other people control you; there will always be rules in life. The best thing to do is go by the rules and not just do whatever you want. I have been in jail three times; and don’t intend to go back. That means staying in the Group Home and following the rules. Don’t let peer pressure and justifying the norms determine what direction you are going in life.

Resource List

  1. 10 Inspirational TED Talks About Building Confidence (yourhappinessquest.com)
  2. How to Build Confidence God’s Way | Kris Reece
  3. 100 Fun Ways to Build Self Confidence (nerdyrockson.co)
  4. How To Build Your Self -Esteem And Be More Confident – (beaucraft.co)
  5. What’s Blocking Your Happiness: Self-Confidence – Punch Drunk Soul

Doodling & Patiently Waiting To Do Laundry

Today is laundry day; before I moved out of my parents house; I remember days when I would stand in front of my mothers washer and dryer and do loads of laundry. I had a good life back then with my parents & lately I’m emotionally missing them; thinking of all the ways I had been disrespectful to them & myself in my 20’s up till recently. It’s been 2 months (Since I got back from H.E.B. Mental Hospital in Denton) & 2 weeks since I’ve gotten back from JPS & I’ve been doing better each day.

Waiting patiently is really what matters. I know now that all the times I’ve left with a bad attitude to do something destructive about 5 to 7 times; was the wrong choice. I am thankful that SSDI & my parents; help me every month to pay my rent of $675 & Dad sends $50 through Venmo every Friday.

Holding on to what you have & not getting involved in other people’s business; while at the same time being helpful & kind; is something that has become more important to me. I am wanting to become dedicated to the “Long Term Help” I have & am receiving each day.

Blogging & Moving Forward

I have had my blog since January & I have noticed some things that irritate me about my blogging. For instance according to a post the average of a post should be 2,000 words. Also I need to be more in depth about who and what I am & stand for as an online entrepreneur.

Right now; I’ve been posting about my day to day and not driving too much traffic to my site. At the moment I’m using my iPhone 11 to do my post & WordPress wouldn’t allow me to post from my HP Laptop.

During the days of the week; I go to Heritage Day Care Center and I have been posting a lot about it. The Pastor; picks me up about 9:30AM to 10AM. Then as soon as we arrive; we have breakfast and coffee.

My little sister graduates from UTA today & I’m happy for her. Both of my sisters have graduated from UTA. My Mom; has also graduated from UTA and she’s thinking about going back to school. I have completed my Junior year at UTA & have completed Humanitarian Arts & Production at Texas Wesleyan. I’m hoping I can get student loan forgiveness.

I want to provide more content for my readers & start doing more for JF-Designs. I was recently accepted into “UTA’s AD & PR Network”.

Dirty Laundry & Cleaning Up

I was so tired yesterday; and I slept a good bit. I moved into a different room and I need to do laundry today. There’s so much we do and need to do; to be healthy and living in a comfortable environment.

711 Curator #2478

When I was about 26; I moved into “Cave Care”. Right now I’m at “Heritage Center”. I worked on a picture for my family for “Mother’s Day!” I’ve been going to “Heritage Center” for the past month and a half.

I’ve been back since March 12th; almost 3 months. We are about to move to another house soon and It’s this pretty pink house on Meadowbrook; just for us ladies. This Sunday is “Mother’s Day” and hopefully I can see my family.

Get Yourself Together Day & Preparing For Big Changes

My week has been going well; as I have had divine intervention and enlightenment through God’s word, Prayers, and wisdom from others. I mostly enjoy the fact that the internet is working as well as my TV. I also have found a cute guy who is stationed overseas to talk to. As stated last week Thursday’s are going to be my “Get My Act Together Days”!

This is me from 2012 to 2019 & You can also check out my Johnna CoDesign Floyd (@johnnafloyd) • Instagram photos and videos for more updated photos although their already in the sidebar.

It’s interesting to go look back into your history and see how the story changes and unfolds. For example, I never thought I’d become pregnant when I was younger and when I did get pregnant I was scared. My parents take care of him and we are in the process of signing over custody. To better ensure his safety and protection in the future.

I moved to the Group Home; photo of me in my old Texas Wesleyan shirt and have been in and out for the last 5 to 7 years. When I was out of The Group Home; I would either be in Downtown by 7th street or the Presbyterian Night Shelter or in extreme cases Millwood or jail. Through the MHMR program I am glad to say I have become more stable and willing to work at the hard things I was running from and face the facts of life and live life on life’s terms.

Changes to include for self-care right now; For A Better Tomorrow.

  1. Get your career in order; I have about one or two years left till I receive my BA in Public Relations and Advertising. I also need to schedule when I can talk to a financial advisor but I first need to go to my meeting next Monday at 3PM to talk to the Career Advisor. So exciting; since I mostly stay home due to Co-Vid19.
  2. Make and Break a habit; I don’t like the “Chainsmokers” & Spiritual Warfare is hard to deal with at times. In the end when you run out and don’t have what you need because of one thing or the other just keep in mind that every action has an equal or lesser reaction.
  3. Check your finances; I get paid once a month about $100 & Rent is paid for me to stay in the Cave Care Housing System. This includes a house worker and three meals a day, my medications, and a bed, and 10 cigarettes a day. I’m very blessed for what I have, as life out on the streets is brutal and undetermined.
  4. Plan fun things to do & to keep yourself entertained. Learn something, or indulged in something though people have different views on this. Whatever makes you happy go after it and don’t settle till you find exactly what your heart is wanting.
  5. Write & Read Daily; I have written over 20 journals full of stuff I normally just throw away. I find it’s the easiest way to do it since I have so much paper; although a sweet girl at Earthbound told me to be more Recyclable Friendly to the Environment. I need research more on science and how to take care of our new puppy dog.

    Websites About Changes To Make In Life

How To Better Yourself – 23 Challenges That Will Change Your Life (makingsenseofcents.com)

How To Change Your Life Completely | Step-By-Step Guide | Inside Of Happiness

How to change your life in 100 days – Moms love learning

Changing For A Better Tomorrow

In the next month I would like to know what you as my readers would like to do. I found in WordPress I can make things more interactive. I am also working harder on my resume & portfolio.Health; If your not feeling good do things that make you feel better starting as soon as you can. One thing I need and must start doing is to drink enough water. I need to fill my cup with at least 8 cups of water & only drink one cup of coffee in the morning.

Mental; The best way I have learned to deal with the amazing ideas in my head is through writing in a word document on whatever comes to mind then moving it out to social media. Mentally; there are things we can do that prepare us for a better tomorrow.

Spiritual; I am not a Southern Baptist Girl who is going to cram religion or my preferences down your throat and Heaven and God know I don’t know enough yet as a baby Christian since November to teach; though I know some great people that are. I grew up in the church and my mom is a piano player but one things I hated about church is all the clicks and gossip; so I’ve been finding it better to Read my Bible or Find Interactive Messages.

Love & Relationships; Take it slow my darling for patience is a greater virtue. There will be cycles of love and war; it’s up to you to make the best of it. As a Humanitarian Course graduate – my main focus right now is to see where Chickasaw County & Tarrant County have my information & to make it presentable to other people in the Social & Economical World.

Alone Time; I still don’t have a room-mate and this big room is getting lonely at times. Though I have enjoyed the room to myself there is a time of change coming and I will have a roommate eventually. In my spare time I write, draw, am online, working on my interest, and preparing myself for whatever life throws at me.

Work; I’m going to Texas Wesleyan Monday at 3PM to talk to a Career Advisor.
I have started to like the use of LinkedIn and have talked to one of my old professors for my PR Case Studies Course that I didn’t pass.

Chores; We have a daily chore chart & today is my day to clean the bathroom. As well as taking care of the new puppy. Not smoking too much & helping around the house.

Back To The Roots

“Gutten Morgan!”; That’s German for Good Morning! In July I celebrated my 33rd Birthday with my parents at a German restraunt; and we ate a lot of good food.

That was 7 months ago; I was born in Frankfurt – Germany. A lot has happened since then but I love remembering the good times that me and my family share. My Dad is a disabled Veteran in the Army and served in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Bosnia. My whole family line on my Dad’s side served in the Military and we have a strong background dating back to the Civil War times. Although; he and his twin brother were adopted from Taiwan.

My mother told me yesterday that her side could be described as Native American. I find it interesting about the history of my ancestors now that I am getting older. I use to not give a crap and ran away often to stop my depression and anxiety. I am glad to say I have started this year on a better step and ready to face the challenges that come instead of running away. Currently listening to Ted Talks; and learning things that attain to me right now.

I would be interested in learning more about these cultures and have taken Humanities at Texas Wesleyan as well as Productions; I took these college courses in 2016. This week I want to focus on having a good morning routine and I am going to start calling the counselors that me and my case manager for MHMR found last Friday. Learning is more important than money in my opinion since it can never be erased.

2021 Goals For The New Year

  1. Start JF-Designs
  2. Start Blogging and eventually start blogging for profit
  3. Stay in the group home and not wander off. Also learn how to become more independent and self reliant.
  4. Staying closer to God and the Christian community.
  5. Draw and Write more often.
  6. Start Doing Yoga; started and completed a video today that was a 20 minute yoga starter video on Youtube.
  7. Stay off drugs and the streets.
  8. Take my meds & use my heart rate
  9. Read 5 to 10 Pinterest articles a day to learn more information to use and write about.
  10. Read 18 books; my first book of the year is “The Explosive Child” By Ph. D. Ross W. Greene.
  11. Make Self-Care a priority in life and set a good routine for the day.
  12. Eliminate bad habits one by one.
  13. Keep my room nice and neat and use Hygge.
  14. Put half of my money in savings account and half of my money I can use throughout the month.
  15. Have a greater sense of Family and community.

Working On My About Me Page Today & Social Media:

I need to be careful what I share with the online world. As I am Bipolar and Manic Depressive. I was born in Germany to a great mother and father who have done their best to help me throughout my life. I currently live in a group home. We just had breakfast; of eggs and sausage and toast. I enjoy creativity and learning and experiencing all life has to offer.

I get hard on myself and need to take things more slowly in life and learn to listen to God and follow my heart to make the right decisions. I have faced times of doubt and have had relapses with drugs and hanging with the wrong crowd. I graduated high school in 2015 from DeRidder High School in Lousiana.