Time With My Son

When I FaceTime’d My family yesterday my 7 year old wanted to see me. I was excited since I haven’t gotten to see him in a long time.

First we went to 711; and Dad handed me $25. My little boy got recess pieces and a medium slur-pie… I got a pack of Teal American Spirits & a medium slur-pie. At the house we went swimming and tried to get the printer 🖨 to print some bookmarks. Then we had Wendy’s for dinner.

Happy Mother’s Day

My Dad and Son; came by at 12:30pm and dropped me off back home at 2:15pm. We went to go eat Chinese Buffet & To Luxor’s Vape Shop. I enjoyed their company and got plenty to eat.

Regis ❤️ Aegis Hero.

This vape is smaller than the teal one I had purchased last year & with two bottles of liquid cost was $75. The flavors I got are caramel cappuccino and tigers blood.

I told Dad thank you for spending time with me on Mother’s Day.