Dealing With Depression

As humans we are always searching for something. Though one thing I have dealt with lately is to not become CoDependent. I’m charging my iPhone and sometimes I get irritated that the battery is low. I’m also enjoying my vaporizer and have had about two cups of coffee.

My Blanket from Target $10 and My Halloween Pumpkin 🎃 Pillow From Mission Arlington.

I bought some craft supplies to paint and make pumpkins 🎃 yesterday as Fall is finally here. I’ve been to “The Spirit of Halloween” twice and am thinking about what I want to be for Halloween! I don’t want to spend more than $25 on a costume but I was thinking about being Hello Kitty. Though I haven’t seen one costume that is Hello Kitty; so maybe just a cat. Though I’ll have to wait till it comes closer to time because I’m not getting paid till next Friday.

Things that have been going good though except for battling with my depression. Things causing me depression include:

1. My family; my son has been in a bad mood and I feel we don’t spend enough time together as a family.

2. Dealing with the past; I’m slowly learning to get past it, to stop 🛑 running away, and trusting people that take care of me.

3. My hand 🤚 and how it hurts to write. As it’s my dominant hand ✋ and I don’t know how too write with my left. I haven’t been able to focus on my free courses.

4. I’m owing money to bill collectors for AT&T UVerse which I don’t have and for UTA outstanding loans amounting In $3,500 and FAFSA Loans amounting in $20,000. I don’t think 💭 I’ll be able to go back to school and finish my Senior year.

5. My relationship life; with people and stuff. Especially spiritually, I feel people are overstepping their boundaries.

It’s important that you give all your worrying and needs over to God. I’m learning to be an individual and more of myself as a princess 👑 of God everyday. It’s also a hard political times; as we watch our country struggle. There’s rumors about a fourth stimulus package 📦 but that’s all in the air.

Just Be Patient with yourself and those you love 💕. Be kind in the process but

Juneteenth € 16 MM

Just blessed My House Manager wishing her a Happy Juneteenth 🥧 … 🌭 … 🍟 …🥤… Today has been an extremely blessed day 💕 !! I’m mostly Taiwanese & My Grandpa fought in the North Korean War!

Everything happens for a reason! My Father sent me $50… As it’s Friday 💰… My Father also said That we’re going to go out to eat at my favorite restaurant on the 20th! His favorite father is Pop 🥂 PoP Floyd 🍾 @Jin’s by the Target 🎯 I first worked at on Cooper St.; In the Beginning

On my site I’d like to talk about relationships with ourselves and others; as I am a growing business owner with JF-Designs and transitioning into times of change and growth. I started JF-Designs in 2010 as a student at TCC and the business page is on Facebook at JF-Designs | Facebook. I started painting; while I took a class at Tarrant County College and sold a few paintings at art shows locally here in Fort Worth.

Now it is 2021; and the start of a “New Decade”; I have decided I am going to stay in the group home and start doing good in life and share with my readers how I can better manage that on a daily basis. First; I would like to thank all the readers I have had in the first week to I’m slowly reaching 100 views. It has been well worth it to start blogging again.

This week I got myself a laptop case and I’m still waiting for my Wayfair Desk to arrive. I don’t know if I’ll go back to college or not but majoring in Communications is something I have always been interested in. I dropped out my Senior Year at University of Texas at Arlington; and financially I can’t afford it and have outstanding loans. I need to look into Scholarship information to pay for these loans and what I can do to further my goals of completing College.

Educating Ourselves & Being Productive: It’s best to be proactive when it comes to life and not just wait around and wait for people to do things for you. My core curriculum is almost complete except for 1 course in science and I’ve tried a lot without passing. I’ve tried Astronomy, Geography twice, and Environmental Science; something about taking these at UTA scared me and half way through the course I dropped out. There is still hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s important when getting your education that you don’t compare yourself to others and pay attention to personal needs. Right now I am working on my list of 100 thing I want to learn about myself in my prayer journal and growing my relationship with Christ as I have recently rededicated my life to Christ in November.

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