Get Yourself Together Day & Preparing For Big Changes

My week has been going well; as I have had divine intervention and enlightenment through God’s word, Prayers, and wisdom from others. I mostly enjoy the fact that the internet is working as well as my TV. I also have found a cute guy who is stationed overseas to talk to. As stated last week Thursday’s are going to be my “Get My Act Together Days”!

This is me from 2012 to 2019 & You can also check out my Johnna CoDesign Floyd (@johnnafloyd) • Instagram photos and videos for more updated photos although their already in the sidebar.

It’s interesting to go look back into your history and see how the story changes and unfolds. For example, I never thought I’d become pregnant when I was younger and when I did get pregnant I was scared. My parents take care of him and we are in the process of signing over custody. To better ensure his safety and protection in the future.

I moved to the Group Home; photo of me in my old Texas Wesleyan shirt and have been in and out for the last 5 to 7 years. When I was out of The Group Home; I would either be in Downtown by 7th street or the Presbyterian Night Shelter or in extreme cases Millwood or jail. Through the MHMR program I am glad to say I have become more stable and willing to work at the hard things I was running from and face the facts of life and live life on life’s terms.

Changes to include for self-care right now; For A Better Tomorrow.

  1. Get your career in order; I have about one or two years left till I receive my BA in Public Relations and Advertising. I also need to schedule when I can talk to a financial advisor but I first need to go to my meeting next Monday at 3PM to talk to the Career Advisor. So exciting; since I mostly stay home due to Co-Vid19.
  2. Make and Break a habit; I don’t like the “Chainsmokers” & Spiritual Warfare is hard to deal with at times. In the end when you run out and don’t have what you need because of one thing or the other just keep in mind that every action has an equal or lesser reaction.
  3. Check your finances; I get paid once a month about $100 & Rent is paid for me to stay in the Cave Care Housing System. This includes a house worker and three meals a day, my medications, and a bed, and 10 cigarettes a day. I’m very blessed for what I have, as life out on the streets is brutal and undetermined.
  4. Plan fun things to do & to keep yourself entertained. Learn something, or indulged in something though people have different views on this. Whatever makes you happy go after it and don’t settle till you find exactly what your heart is wanting.
  5. Write & Read Daily; I have written over 20 journals full of stuff I normally just throw away. I find it’s the easiest way to do it since I have so much paper; although a sweet girl at Earthbound told me to be more Recyclable Friendly to the Environment. I need research more on science and how to take care of our new puppy dog.

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Changing For A Better Tomorrow

In the next month I would like to know what you as my readers would like to do. I found in WordPress I can make things more interactive. I am also working harder on my resume & portfolio.Health; If your not feeling good do things that make you feel better starting as soon as you can. One thing I need and must start doing is to drink enough water. I need to fill my cup with at least 8 cups of water & only drink one cup of coffee in the morning.

Mental; The best way I have learned to deal with the amazing ideas in my head is through writing in a word document on whatever comes to mind then moving it out to social media. Mentally; there are things we can do that prepare us for a better tomorrow.

Spiritual; I am not a Southern Baptist Girl who is going to cram religion or my preferences down your throat and Heaven and God know I don’t know enough yet as a baby Christian since November to teach; though I know some great people that are. I grew up in the church and my mom is a piano player but one things I hated about church is all the clicks and gossip; so I’ve been finding it better to Read my Bible or Find Interactive Messages.

Love & Relationships; Take it slow my darling for patience is a greater virtue. There will be cycles of love and war; it’s up to you to make the best of it. As a Humanitarian Course graduate – my main focus right now is to see where Chickasaw County & Tarrant County have my information & to make it presentable to other people in the Social & Economical World.

Alone Time; I still don’t have a room-mate and this big room is getting lonely at times. Though I have enjoyed the room to myself there is a time of change coming and I will have a roommate eventually. In my spare time I write, draw, am online, working on my interest, and preparing myself for whatever life throws at me.

Work; I’m going to Texas Wesleyan Monday at 3PM to talk to a Career Advisor.
I have started to like the use of LinkedIn and have talked to one of my old professors for my PR Case Studies Course that I didn’t pass.

Chores; We have a daily chore chart & today is my day to clean the bathroom. As well as taking care of the new puppy. Not smoking too much & helping around the house.