Waiting on the Connection; As A New Month Awaits

The internet Wi-Fi at our house decided to work; finally allowing me to work on this website and although I have not been blogging like I would like too. I am coming up with some great topics through all my sketched out journals and I was reading my Pinterest Articles early this morning. I’m thinking about finding how to go back to school; I know I owe a lot of student loans and I have one year to completion if I go back to UTA or if I go back to Texas Wesleyan I have about 2 years. I wish the funding for Education was there; for those wanting to succeed in life.

Downtown Fort Worth | Facebook

Yesterday, my case manager got me signed up with a MMP Program and we went to an Italian place to eat, they also gave me a sketchbook. I drew my first picture of the Fort Worth Water Gardens & I need to complete a few pieces of work that I have worked on. I am looking forward to researching this weekend and Smoking The last Yellow : American Spirit pack that my Dad bought me on Wednesday.

I have started some new medication; for my anxiety and have been to the Fort Worth Water Gardens twice. Also buying latte’s from “Son’s Of Liberty” Coffee Internet Café & “Starbucks” at The Omni Hotel. There’s beauty all around us if we look for it hard enough and documenting daily life is important and I think we all need a way of doing this for ourselves each day. Things can be going slow one day and completely change the next; anybody else feel unsteady about the way politics is going right now?

Say Bye Bye To January & Trump!

I came up with a few ideas to propel my business as a curator this month; but my social anxiety and not working Wi-Fi made it hard to share the information with other people. As we all know Trump has been a major drama scene for the first month of the year. I have no set ideas about how I feel this is going and do not know enough to discuss. I do know that with my Dad being a Veteran I am just hoping for a better tomorrow. On January 20th President Joe Biden stepped into office and Lady Ga Ga is an Amazing singer for the National Anthem.

I have my own little art space, thanks to the Stimulus check of $600; and I academically and economically need to do further research with the help of MHMR who comes to see me through the week. I have bought my Chakra Set and am going to focus on the Tiger’s Eye & the Pyrite this morning; it’s about 8:30AM.

The Facts About The Sacral Chakra:

I would like to describe the Chakra stones for The Sacral Chakras without using the card in my Chakra Meditation Guide as my soul source; instead I’d like to use creative writing skills I have learned through college to describe my relationship to the Chakras from time to time. If anyone has bought The Amazon Chakra Package; please follow my blog and send me an email or a comment about your joy for things like Earthbound, Chickasaw County Indians, Coffee & Pinterest, and Waking Up to be Educated.

The year of 2013 I had my son; and my ex left me when I was seven months pregnant. I had the opportunity to work at Wal-Mart and started receiving SSDI. My pyrite is smoldered on a part and I think it’s because I was hurt so deeply by what happened and the main thing is what I did about the situation.

I began getting Postpartum Depression; I picked up a survey to answer at “Sons of Liberty” with my case manager. I have tried to do the right things and sometimes I fail at being at my best. Women can be so hard on their selves and sometimes it seems easier for men; although I don’t believe that and I believe that it’s equally as difficult for each student.