Honestly MaMa & PaPa

When you lose your impatience with your family; I have found it’s better to take a quick break and return to your center and remain as close to yourself and what you hold dear. Though when you are holding dangerous church drama, and money hunger then you need to brace yourself around others. I have been appalled by some of the things my voice chip has caught. Though I remember doing that too myself.

At times it has gotten too expensive in my group home and now I’m preferring to call this a boarding home. I know I’m not in charge but I wasn’t trying to calm down like I should as a mature young lady. As I pestered my Dad for more of money and asked for $25. Tonight I walked to the store and bought a red bull and a pack of red, white, and blue Winston cigarettes as well as Supremes. I spent $12 out $31 which sums to what? 15 paces closer to my new fatherly handed FitBit. I am naked not to laugh but as red we do experience pain and want to experiement with…

I have dealt with all ages and stages of life. Everything in the Whole World can get dangerous but it’s all in the way you deal with it.

Waking Up to Working Weeks

I started work at McDonald’s when I was chosen at 15 by a 🤴🏿 to work and go to school 🏫 at McNeese College and then they took a dangerous step up ⬆️ to Casa Ole then school got scary 😧 even for myself and my roommate and my whole group of my boyfriends squad of amigos.

My tips weren’t very good 👍 then; I learned too suck it 🆙. My Dad went to MSU and is an engineer 👷‍♀️ ; I was a retail stock agent. From Target 🎯 to Ross To Ross Parole. The last job I worked at was Wal-Mart and yes if you are taking 8 AZO’s helps. Though also helping my 8th Heritage Line is help <Ing>.

Power to me is just Power. I have witnessed all sorts of stuff but the letters I wrote have waking up dangerous stuff. ATM I’m reading and working through “The Night Portrait” asking old friends for Help From what I discovered and am currently discovering 👰🏼‍♂️ and 🧑🏼‍⚖️ to 🥷 and 🧛🏼.

Smoking My Vaporizer

We can wake up and join you but your feeling of uncertainty can hurt 😞 sometimes. I got jealousies that are discerning about my vaporizer. My Dad bought me tigers blood 🩸 which has messed up my 🧮 . It’s good to do what you can for yourself and your family. Medical research has trash 🗑 duty.

Tokyo War tactics: everyone is special but how special. Afterlife has all my recycling and it was my favorite club. Taking someone else’s special stuff can hurt so son don’t hit us.

Friday’s Fall Favorites

I sorted through my clothes yesterday and found a lot of nice colored shirts 👚 (about 10 of them) and about 7 pairs of pants. I want to have a more pieced together wardrobe and define my personal style. Right now I’m wearing a multi-colored shirt and magenta pants that match my purse 👛.

My caseworker is on his way to come pick me up from Heritage and we’re going to do something fun. I have my Wound Evolution appointment at 1:30PM. My fingers feel a lot better and I’m not going to have to have surgery.

I have $28 to go shopping today & I want to get some nice stuff for my room, or add some accessories to my wardrobe. I looked online and I have noticed how picky I am when it comes to shopping 🛍. I bought some lip gloss from my housemate who sales Avon. Two of them strawberry 🍓 and melon 🍈 for $3.

Family & Friendship Friday

It’s Friday & My Dad deposited my $50 this afternoon. We had nachos for lunch and they were hard for me to eat. My caseworker is taking me to Wound Evolution and she’s picking me up soon.

I need a new coil for my vaporizer & I don’t know when I will be able to go to the vape shop. It’s the weekend and I plan on chilling out.

I love ❤️ my friends and family. I just completed a course with coursera.org on “Managing Emotions During Uncertainty & Stress” by Yale.

Heat Waves & Hospital Stays

Its 6PM & I got home from the hospital at 3PM; our weather is getting hot 🥵! My group home MGR received my discharge paper work & gave me my five cigarettes. I have been in the “Mesa Springs” 🏥 since the 25th.

I was surprised that My True Mental Health Personnel was taking me to the 🏥 on Friday. I just got informed that we needed to stop 🛑 services with True Mental.

Each day during inpatient rehab we had about five group sessions lead by the Therapist and Nurses. We learned how to communicate better and there were about 9 people in my group in the “Willows Division”! For the most part I drank a lot of coffee and sodas in my new Tumblr and for the last three days I had no cigarettes to smoke 💨.

I’m happy to say I’m home 🏠; I also called & FaceTime with my Dad & he sent me $50 on my Venmo account. I got into the MHMR vehicle and met my new case manager and before he dropped me off at the house he helped me by taking me to the Shell 🐚 and I spent $12 on a pack of American Spirits 🚬🪛 Military Green & a green lighter.

Juneteenth € 16 MM

Just blessed My House Manager wishing her a Happy Juneteenth 🥧 … 🌭 … 🍟 …🥤… Today has been an extremely blessed day 💕 !! I’m mostly Taiwanese & My Grandpa fought in the North Korean War!

Everything happens for a reason! My Father sent me $50… As it’s Friday 💰… My Father also said That we’re going to go out to eat at my favorite restaurant on the 20th! His favorite father is Pop 🥂 PoP Floyd 🍾 @Jin’s by the Target 🎯 I first worked at on Cooper St.

My New Laptop From Target

I’ve already spent most of my Stimulus Check; this week we received the $600 check. I spent $225 for this nice HP laptop and I have a desk coming this Friday on my Dad’s Birthday. Currently I’m at my parents house and we are watching Daily Bumps on the big TV in the living room. I just bought this domain and am using free WordPress.

I love spending time with my family and today we ate at Toy Chinese and had Chinese food at the restaurant here in Arlington called Golden Buffet. This is my first entry and first time getting on a computer in over a year or more.

Had a blessed Christmas, my son’s Birthday, and New Years for 2021. Celebrating with Family and Friends is such a blessing in everyday life. We should always celebrate the little wins in life. For example I have been sober since October when I chose to move back to Ms. Charnel’s Cave Care group home. I have been getting help with MHMR (Mental Health and Mental Rehabilitation).