Tuition Prices & Wisdom

What is your relationship with money? Where is the most expensive school you’ve ever attended? I went to Texas Wesleyan for Productions and Humanities. I am planning on starting more YouTube videos and starting a series. Snapchat was our primary source of our learning experience. I need to sort through and look at my Transcript. I am having to payback Texas Wesleyan $8,000.

I Miss My Old Guitar & Being Musically Inclined. This video was taken about 10 – 12 years ago.

My times at UTA; where another expensive time in my life and I have an outstanding loan for about $4,000. Man! I need to purchase some Blue Tooth Headphones. It would probably be cheaper to buy them online, huh?

This morning I listened to a Podcast using the app Player FM and I’m loving listening to Podcast. The Topic was Social Anxiety Disorder; by “BlindBoyBoatClub”. He talked about how we have a child, adult, and parent side to us.

I wanted to get my backpack and purse back from a friend of mine but my main person wouldn’t let me. Instead of what I normally would have done; by getting upset I took it gently and didn’t get upset and I probably won’t get my stuff back but I have been blessed with mostly everything I need.

Dentures & Time With Dad

My roommate woke me up at 3AM; and I haven’t been able to go back to sleep. Just had a cup of coffee; and a “Lucky Strike” cigarette. Yesterday around 2PM the dentist office called me and I was able to pick up my dentures at 4:30PM. Last night I slept with them in my mouth.

My Dad came and picked me up and we went to Medico MD to pick my dentures up. Then we went to Family Dollar and bought Poligrip, some Charmin toilet paper, and some good laundry soap. Dad also bought me two packs of “Lucky Strike” Cigarettes. I wasn’t able to see the little one; but I had given my Dad a wooden pumpkin for him to paint, an spirograph, and a set of Halloween erasers.

I needed to get up early this morning because I am going to Wound Evolution; with my case manager from MHMR. I’m feeling all sort of emotions right now; scared, happy, exuberant. As I’m cuddled on my bed with my books that I wish my hand was able to write in. This morning my case manager will be here at 8:30AM; so I still have about 3 hours and a few minutes before she picks me up.

What I’ve learned through going through a physical difficulty:

My Dentures; our house caregiver said I look beautiful in them and am looking like a pretty young woman.

  1. As long as I take the best care of myself – the better I will feel and the happier I will be.
  2. It’s important to keep up with your stuff and take care of expensive belongings.
  3. Insurance Is a blessing; and take care of your information and money. Don’t be frivolous
  4. Don’t take anything for granted; I started to get bad teeth when my son was born and all my teeth started decaying and falling out. My son has bad teeth.
  5. Stay comfortable and there’s no need to beat yourself up to a dark place where you’re all alone.
  6. Remember to stay safe and use your resources wisely.
  7. When your smile is pretty you have better opportunities to feel good about yourself.
  8. Take it slowly; there’s no need to be in a rush or be hard on your health.
  9. Slow down on smoking and candy; with Halloween coming up candies in season.
  10. Remember to brush your teeth and be responsible.

My Hand

  1. Don’t venture off alone and stay out as long as you can; it would have been better to stay at home and not have had this happen.
  2. My Emotions class on Coursera taught me that our minds play tricks on us to think we want something when we really wouldn’t be happier with it.
  3. Things can be prevented as long as your patient and are able to wait.
  4. Wanting things isn’t wrong but it’s wrong when you annoy everyone with complaining of severe pain, not able to do chores, are addicted to Aspirin and other things that are more harmful.
  5. Things can get out of hand and it’s best just to do the best you can.
  6. Teaching and seeking to be understood about a difficult subject isn’t easy but it’s worth it.
  7. I had one girl say at a hospital early in April that no one cares about my hand. Be careful who you surround yourself with; not everyone is going to like you. Just accept it!
  8. Having fun isn’t worth hurting yourself over and over. Once you’ve had you’re fun and have gotten hurt there’s a ton of regret and anger that takes humility and truth.
  9. Hurting to write in my journals and study; has been hard but I know I’m not alone when I’ve had to take time to heal.
  10. I’m lucky! Going to see the wound specialist – some people can’t get the help they need the most. Though it’s mostly from learning resources wisely. Yes … I was a Cadet Girl Scout and my Dad was an Eagle Scout.

A Greater Journey

” I hugged my Dad and He said I look beautiful…
As He took out his phone and took a photo!
He was always meaning for me to be careful…

Living in danger can be tragical…
God and His word and strong powerful moto!
Be safe and be truthful…

As good as the words I love you;
as the Good Word is bold!”


Saturday Morning

I just finished my parenting course on and It’s my first course I have completed on the website. As far as my own website has been going. There just hasn’t been too much to talk about or that’s going on. I did get an antibiotic for my hand and am getting it looked at soon by a wound specialist.

There are a few things I would like to share about Attending & Planned Ignoring.

Attending – Providing positive attention to behaviors.

  1. Select Behaviors.
  2. Select type of attention.
  3. Provide Immediate attention.
  4. Give attention often.

Planned Ignoring – don’t give attention to a behavior; don’t give in.

  1. Select Behavior
  2. Select type of Behavior
  3. Ignore the bad behavior
  4. Attend to the positive behavior

A Calm Sunday

Good Morning!!! Just had coffee and my quiet time; thinking about things I can blog about. Our care giver arrived and we had cereal; our medicine and smoked cigarettes. It’s 10:34AM and just came inside too my room from smoking a cigarette. I just put hydrogen peroxide and some Neosporin on my fingers. They hurt and I am hoping they get better; I trust God with this situation. I want to be more creative and have more to write about.

I’m currently taking a few courses on

  1. Managing Emotions In Times of Uncertainty and Stress.
  2. The Science of Wellbeing.
  3. Everyday Parenting: The ABC’s of Child Rearing
  4. Sharpened Vision: A Poetry Workshop

Last Day Of August

I am enjoying taking my online courses on coursera. Yesterday I completed my homework and I used my new notebook to take notes. I am taking Wellbeing, Parenting, and Poetry. Yesterday we went to the corner store which isn’t too far but in the heat it’s kind of far about a mile. I walked with my housemate to the store and bought two large cans of Big Red and a pack of supreme cigars. Our care giver just came by and gave us our medicine.

Then my case manager came by and we went to Brauhm’s and got a cookies and cream milkshake and a thing of fries. She asked me if I had ever done deep breathing exercises and if I would consider to stop smoking. I’m still waiting for my dentures and am excited about getting them; but more about how I’m going to take care of them and not lose them this time.

A few weeks ago on my Birthday one of my case managers bought me a Goals Journal. In the journal there’s Monthly Goals. For this month my goals were too,,,

My Top Three Core Values

  1. Family & Group Life
  2. Integrity & Persistence To Wellness
  3. God & Learning

My Goals We’re

  1. Receive and Take Care Of My Dentures
    Seems rushing things doesn’t help it’s the last day of the month and I still have two more sit downs with the dentist to receive my dentures. I am so thankful that my insurance is paying to get a pair of dentures. It’s been since 2016; since I’ve had teeth in my mouth. Called Medico this morning and they we’re closed.
  2. Set a Good Morning and Afternoon and Night Routine.
    I meant this to be good but seems I still haven’t achieved that goal. I want to have the best days I can and stop myself from being so lazy and really too start caring about life more. I still read lots of articles on Pinterest daily mostly while I’m at Heritage. Though seems our days lately have been geared towards smoking cigars or cigarettes and complaining. The planner I bought is being put in good use as a Gratitude Journal. I have had many days this month I have been blessed by.
  3. Stay At Group Home.
    I’ve learned the hard way to just stay home or only go out with trusted care-givers. I want to increase my safety and have my Family trust me more and more. I can improve through daily small actions and being accountable for what I am doing.
  4. Blank

Current Events

My little one got checked for Co-Vid19 and we’re happy to say he doesn’t have it. I bought him a toy car today, and me a notebook to do my assignments from Coursera in.

I’m watching the news; the United States has completed it’s Mission in Afghanistan. My Father is a Veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom. 6,000 Americans out of Afghanistan . . . They have been there for 20 years and now we can celebrate that they are home.

Being Careful

I hit my hand and started talking in some weird gibberish I don’t quite understand. I say I don’t understand it because I was embarrassed. Has anyone else ever had the feeling of being yourself but not quite sounding like yourself. This is something that has happened to me for the past seven to ten years. I think they call it imposter syndrome . . .

Anyway; The voices were talking about how the person couldn’t help that he doesn’t have health care. I am so lucky to be on SSDI; despite my many battles with insecurity. I have a great support system here and don’t want to make the mistakes I have before of leaving the safety and security I’m currently and hopefully will be in for a long time.

As the season is changing; I am starting to feel better. I just got my injection from MHMR Friday. Our weekend has been pretty uneventful and it’s been mostly calm and silent. Hoping to have a good day at Heritage Day Care Center.

My little one got checked for Co-Vid19 and we’re happy to say he doesn’t have it. I bought him a toy car today, and me a notebook to do my assignments from Coursera in.

I’m watching the news; the United States has completed it’s Mission in Afghanistan. My Father is a Veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom. 6,000 Americans out of Afghanistan . . . They have been there for 20 years and now we can celebrate that they are home.

Sunday Bible Study

I haven’t been involved in a Bible Study in a long, long, . . . time. Honestly the last time I went to church was over two months ago. I’m listening to Motivational Videos and researching how to do my morning Bible Study. I want to draw closer to God and really trust him. It says to not lean on your own understanding and that we’re not in charge.

Joyce Meyer’s : How To Study The Bible

I need a change in perspectives and my attitudes; lately my housemates have stated that I’ve become more like myself after I got out of rehab right before my 34rd Birthday. Don’t look at what you don’t have; look at what you do have and thank God for everything you already have. Trust God to restore your body, soul, mind, and spirit.

“And so this is still a live promise. It wasn’t canceled at the time of Joshua; otherwise, God wouldn’t keep renewing the appointment for “today.” The promise of “arrival” and “rest” is still there for God’s people. God himself is rest. And at the end of the journey we’ll surely rest with God. So let’s keep at it and eventually arrive at the place of rest, not drop out through some sort of disobedience.”

Hebrews 5 8 – 11

Every time I read God’s word I find insight and understand greater amounts about God’s love for all of us. I really needed this verse . . . I have given up too much and too easily. I don’t want to talk about how many times I have run away or how I dropped out of college. We are all on a journey; and my life has been better managed here. I stepped outside to smoke a cigarette while I was in the middle of the verse. One of our daily highlights of the day. Your opinion does or doesn’t matter; I respect you all because you have come to read my blog.

Back To School

I’d like to go back to school but first I need to contact my Colleges Academic Advisor to see in which direction my degree plan will work out. I know I have completed about 114 hours in Advertising and Public Relations. I haven’t done anything academically since I dropped out of UTA in February of 2017. It’s been six years; since I’ve done anything academically.

I did find however where I can take online classes for free. I enrolled in one called The Science Of Wellbeing. It’s online and I measured how happy I am and I scored a 2.3. I have been living here since 2016 and have a good number of friends. I am glad to be safe and protected by the house care givers here.

I haven’t been blogging lately; My Group Home manager said it would be good for me to start my blog back again earlier when my Dad took me and the family’s little guy to go buy laptops when we got out 2nd Stimulus check. I need to research the things I’d like to talk about in future blog post. I bought The Message and I’d like to read more of it and share with my readers what I am learning. I’d like to post at least three times a week.

Self-Care On The Weekend

Thinking about life lately; It’s Saturday Morning and I’m sitting on my bed with my writing materials. I went to eat Chinese food with my Dad yesterday. Lately I’ve been thinking of ways I can improve my life… I want to be there for everything in my life and start down a road of recovery.

Career and School; My mom and son are starting back to school soon. My Mom’s going to get her second Bachelors degree and my son is going to the 2nd grade. I have completed 114 hours of college in the Bachelors of Public Relations and Advertising. The last courses I took are Humanities and Production at Texas Wesleyan.

I want to start to improve my life by continuing to build my portfolio and writing more meaningful blog post. I may not be able to go back to school; but I can use what I have learned so far to grow as an individual.

Health & Looking Good, Product Review; I bought myself some make-up this week from Target and the dollar store. I bought a face powder and eyeliner from Target and some razors. After not shaving for a while it was really nice to be able too.

L. A. Colors Conceal Correct. L’OREAL True Match Super-Bendable Powder in neutral. This powder goes on so smooth and really feels good on my face. LAC Eyeshadow In Nude; I like light color eyeshadow. E.L.F. No Budge Retractable Eyeliner that’s black. Blush. E.L.F. Lipstick.