Smoking My Vaporizer

We can wake up and join you but your feeling of uncertainty can hurt 😞 sometimes. I got jealousies that are discerning about my vaporizer. My Dad bought me tigers blood 🩸 which has messed up my 🧮 . It’s good to do what you can for yourself and your family. Medical research has trash 🗑 duty.

Tokyo War tactics: everyone is special but how special. Afterlife has all my recycling and it was my favorite club. Taking someone else’s special stuff can hurt so son don’t hit us.

Thursday Thought-fullness

Me and my housemate went out today with our caseworker; first to McDonald’s and a gas station where I bought a pack of L&Ms and At McDonald’s I bought a large 🍟 fry and a large coffee ☕️. Then we went shopping and I didn’t buy much but three bags of candy and Pepsi. Then we went to the museum.

Being Thoughtful includes making time for others. I’m glad our caseworker was able to spend some time with us. Tomorrow he’s coming in the morning to spend time with me and my housemate again.

I’m sitting on the fresh carpet and folding clothes. On Tuesday & Thursday I call my Dad and we talk. I’m happy I get to see my parents Saturday. Although I won’t be able to see the little one.

Tuesday’s Team Work

What does it take to be a leader? In my opinion it takes some time to get used to the people you work with. Knowing you can trust people; and trying to gain trust in return. Once you have built good teamwork going relationships you need to take pride in the current moment and keep a Christian Perspective on small improvements.

12 Steps To Amazing 🤩 Team Work

1. Everything gets better in time but you can’t just stop 🛑 the process when trials get in the way. For instance when a problem has occurred at The Group Home 🏡 I have learned not to be part of the drama and I’m better staying out of it.

The police 👮‍♀️ have had to come in to take care of some situations but I haven’t been in any danger and I keep calm knowing I am not causing problems.

2. You have to want to be a team player and not take a backseat to life. Your life is your life but more importantly it’s a gift 💝 from “God Of Nation Armies” !!!

Don’t seek out a role you’re not ready for and take time to see where you can best fit your needs while also meeting the needs of others in the group.

3. Check out a personality profile on 🥰 ! I’m an INTP; meaning I am a deep thinker and an introvert who loves to learn.

4. Focus on the positive aspects of your situation & it takes just one person to set a bad vibe to the whole tribe. We can all tell when we are having a good time together but be aware because as good as the situation can get. There’s always something that can throw yourself and your team off track. So be prepared when this happens by having a back up plan.

5. Seems my caseworker is running a bit late ⏰! Don’t fret over something you can’t control but make sure you keep your word and don’t flake or cause drama over not getting your way. Be patient and ready for whatever life or the project that needs to be completed ✅ calls for.

6. Communication is key; and I have learned a lot as a Communication Major. I like to discuss the things that I am learning to my readers and tell of my stories and how the things I learned are useful in my life.

7. Things work better when you cooperate and stop fighting to always get your way. When things don’t work out the way you planned on them take a step back and see what could have happened differently. Just because it didn’t happen when you wanted it to doesn’t mean it won’t; so stick in there and don’t beat yourself up.

8. There is no I in Team! We all end up as a part of the group and most of this is what we learned in school 🏫 when you see yourself drifting off or someone being excluded 👽 pick up the pieces.

10. My caseworker is here and I rescheduled my appointment for 1PM; when it was at 10:45AM. We’re going to drive around and then go to the Dollar Tree 🌲. I took initiative in my own hands and wasn’t sure if I made a good decision. He said thank you.

I haven’t always been consecutive about my choices or habits. Though since My 34rd Birthday I have received so much help with getting my life together. I willingly want to continue down a good path and see daily consecutive improvement.

My Caseworker is coming soon and everyone left to go to the center that they go to. Except for the elderly woman who I shared a room with for a little bit as she kept waking me up in the middle of the night.

Selfish Self🥰Care SunDay

You can tell when you’ve improved and when you take 10 steps forward; or 10 steps backwards. Do you compete for everything in your life? For example attention and financial stability.

10 Steps To 10 Steps Forward

1. Tell the truth about yourself & stop wearing the mask 😷 of denial.

2. Keep your secrets safe; if your discretion is advised be sure you weren’t 🏨 in a class with “Pretty Little Liars” like I was in 2014.

3. Courageous Talk & Actions take time and If it seems worth a lot to you, You end up taking a stand and making the most of important interventions.

4. The Train & The Sun ☀️ 😘 🚂 ; make the most of your life and seek things you want because you want and not because someone else wants.

5. Personal Relationships Maybe A Little Lonely 😞 when we don’t see eye to eye with each other’s points of view we get discouraged. Stop and check biased opinions about yourself and copartners situation before jumping to conclusions or making a mess or an ass out of yourself.

6. Jog your memory to accomplish where your road blocks are. When you see what good versus evil is in your deeds and actions you’ll strive to become greater or remain constant.

7. Don’t push your opinion onto people when it benefits you and your group you’ll feel it and stop with the defensive attitude.

8. You can’t take care of anyone or anything when you’re not at your best but you add more danger ⚠️ than good. Get yourself right then you can but not until then. Thanks Dad!

9. Silence is sometimes Golden 🧐 Research 🤩 and don’t jump to conclusions. Be respectful and responsible to prepare yourself when good times do arrive.

10. If your on daily medication 💊 take them wisely and safely that’s why the Doctor 👨‍⚕️ and Lawyers went to So Expensive of Schools 🏫 so we know we are getting the best of help. You can call 📞 #211 and get yourself set up like we are through having work experience and a hard medical background.

In my opinion this is wrong and we should be seeing eye to eye that we want to improve the freedom and grace of everyone in the group. Mr. Jones and I have a good relationship hell Harley Davidson and I have a good relationship. Though thankfully my manager and my Group Home 🏡 Mom’s are starting to see eye 👁 to eye with me as I strive to improve.

I appreciate all sorts but not when it’s distrustful and as insecure as our Political System has been of lately. I’m more of a conservative and Republican than a demote full liberal equalities activist.

Taking 10 Steps Backwards In The Backwoods

1. Try not to see your own self as a threat. You can tell when there is a problem and your unsafe.

2. It comes as a sensation to do wrong things that you know you shouldn’t and your too ashamed to ask for help.

3. Written words work; today must be journal 📓 therapy on Pinterest since I came to this many helpful tips for my readers. Though as you can tell keeping words isn’t always easy. Back sliding isn’t always a nice idea 💡 or even your idea but there are reasons behind it.

4. Doesn’t help to keep it all bottled up and yes I was a bartender at one time but there’s boundaries you need to learn about.

5. Trust is earned and it’s best to try to earn it the hard way than taking it out on other people and burning 🔥 bridges 🌉 lose selfish pride.

6. We all live by forward motion and everything affects everything it’s how God programmed it and know your not in charge no matter how rich or powerful you are.

7. Voices are simply that voices and words are fueled to the fire 🔥 things will work better if you get to all the proper understanding before starting some big rioting outbursts.

8. Think about what you really want … is it your safety or your pride and is it your rights or your voice just to be heard.

9. We struggle together and it’s safer in numbers. We can learn to use the help and opinions of everyone to get to a conclusion of what works best.

10. Stop trying to do life all by yourself but don’t indulge in a situation that’s against your best interest to please people or try to suck up to other people.

I’m a Liberal Arts Major but I’ve learned too keep my mouth 👄 closed in the enduring time of Co-Vid19. My Dad & I haven’t had nearly as many new and fun interesting conversations as when Trump was blasting from the Media Scene.

Some People feel they don’t learn until they have approval by the mass of crowds they desire. Like adding new stuff to my blog. I would love 💕 if people contributed to the form for below my blog post to add me a tip. Yes “uno dinero” is just as good as anything and I try hard to give all due respect and gratitude to as many people as I can.

Family & Friendship Friday

It’s Friday & My Dad deposited my $50 this afternoon. We had nachos for lunch and they were hard for me to eat. My caseworker is taking me to Wound Evolution and she’s picking me up soon.

I need a new coil for my vaporizer & I don’t know when I will be able to go to the vape shop. It’s the weekend and I plan on chilling out.

I love ❤️ my friends and family. I just completed a course with on “Managing Emotions During Uncertainty & Stress” by Yale.

Chloe & Miss Cookie

Our Family’s puppy dog Chloe died yesterday. I read the text that my Dad sent me around 7 o’clock last night this Morning. I’m sad to say she had a Brain 🧠 Aneurism & passed.

Chloe was a sweet puppy; a carrier terrier. She was of old age and we had her a long time. It’s sad whenever someone or something close to you dies.

My house care givers name is Ms. Cookie 🍪 she sat us down for a meeting last night & we have to do better about doing our chores.

Thought About Thursday

Today I’m going to Heritage; the three of us are in the passenger seat of the Pastors car. As He arrived I was reading My Bible and talking to our new care giver who had just arrived.

Sitting outside enjoying the slightly cool breeze. My Dad just informed me of the appointment I have Friday to get my ✋ looked at. I have a Primary Care Physician Appointment at 1:30PM. Now that I’m inside I can’t go back outside or ask to go outside again. Sipping on a cup of coffee ☕️ and thinking about how I’m getting the most use of the resources I have.

Dentures & Time With Dad

My roommate woke me up at 3AM; and I haven’t been able to go back to sleep. Just had a cup of coffee; and a “Lucky Strike” cigarette. Yesterday around 2PM the dentist office called me and I was able to pick up my dentures at 4:30PM. Last night I slept with them in my mouth.

My Dad came and picked me up and we went to Medico MD to pick my dentures up. Then we went to Family Dollar and bought Poligrip, some Charmin toilet paper, and some good laundry soap. Dad also bought me two packs of “Lucky Strike” Cigarettes. I wasn’t able to see the little one; but I had given my Dad a wooden pumpkin for him to paint, an spirograph, and a set of Halloween erasers.

I needed to get up early this morning because I am going to Wound Evolution; with my case manager from MHMR. I’m feeling all sort of emotions right now; scared, happy, exuberant. As I’m cuddled on my bed with my books that I wish my hand was able to write in. This morning my case manager will be here at 8:30AM; so I still have about 3 hours and a few minutes before she picks me up.

What I’ve learned through going through a physical difficulty:

My Dentures; our house caregiver said I look beautiful in them and am looking like a pretty young woman.

  1. As long as I take the best care of myself – the better I will feel and the happier I will be.
  2. It’s important to keep up with your stuff and take care of expensive belongings.
  3. Insurance Is a blessing; and take care of your information and money. Don’t be frivolous
  4. Don’t take anything for granted; I started to get bad teeth when my son was born and all my teeth started decaying and falling out. My son has bad teeth.
  5. Stay comfortable and there’s no need to beat yourself up to a dark place where you’re all alone.
  6. Remember to stay safe and use your resources wisely.
  7. When your smile is pretty you have better opportunities to feel good about yourself.
  8. Take it slowly; there’s no need to be in a rush or be hard on your health.
  9. Slow down on smoking and candy; with Halloween coming up candies in season.
  10. Remember to brush your teeth and be responsible.

My Hand

  1. Don’t venture off alone and stay out as long as you can; it would have been better to stay at home and not have had this happen.
  2. My Emotions class on Coursera taught me that our minds play tricks on us to think we want something when we really wouldn’t be happier with it.
  3. Things can be prevented as long as your patient and are able to wait.
  4. Wanting things isn’t wrong but it’s wrong when you annoy everyone with complaining of severe pain, not able to do chores, are addicted to Aspirin and other things that are more harmful.
  5. Things can get out of hand and it’s best just to do the best you can.
  6. Teaching and seeking to be understood about a difficult subject isn’t easy but it’s worth it.
  7. I had one girl say at a hospital early in April that no one cares about my hand. Be careful who you surround yourself with; not everyone is going to like you. Just accept it!
  8. Having fun isn’t worth hurting yourself over and over. Once you’ve had you’re fun and have gotten hurt there’s a ton of regret and anger that takes humility and truth.
  9. Hurting to write in my journals and study; has been hard but I know I’m not alone when I’ve had to take time to heal.
  10. I’m lucky! Going to see the wound specialist – some people can’t get the help they need the most. Though it’s mostly from learning resources wisely. Yes … I was a Cadet Girl Scout and my Dad was an Eagle Scout.

A Greater Journey

” I hugged my Dad and He said I look beautiful…
As He took out his phone and took a photo!
He was always meaning for me to be careful…

Living in danger can be tragical…
God and His word and strong powerful moto!
Be safe and be truthful…

As good as the words I love you;
as the Good Word is bold!”


Dealing With Depression

As humans we are always searching for something. Though one thing I have dealt with lately is to not become CoDependent. I’m charging my iPhone and sometimes I get irritated that the battery is low. I’m also enjoying my vaporizer and have had about two cups of coffee.

My Blanket from Target $10 and My Halloween Pumpkin 🎃 Pillow From Mission Arlington.

I bought some craft supplies to paint and make pumpkins 🎃 yesterday as Fall is finally here. I’ve been to “The Spirit of Halloween” twice and am thinking about what I want to be for Halloween! I don’t want to spend more than $25 on a costume but I was thinking about being Hello Kitty. Though I haven’t seen one costume that is Hello Kitty; so maybe just a cat. Though I’ll have to wait till it comes closer to time because I’m not getting paid till next Friday.

Things that have been going good though except for battling with my depression. Things causing me depression include:

1. My family; my son has been in a bad mood and I feel we don’t spend enough time together as a family.

2. Dealing with the past; I’m slowly learning to get past it, to stop 🛑 running away, and trusting people that take care of me.

3. My hand 🤚 and how it hurts to write. As it’s my dominant hand ✋ and I don’t know how too write with my left. I haven’t been able to focus on my free courses.

4. I’m owing money to bill collectors for AT&T UVerse which I don’t have and for UTA outstanding loans amounting In $3,500 and FAFSA Loans amounting in $20,000. I don’t think 💭 I’ll be able to go back to school and finish my Senior year.

5. My relationship life; with people and stuff. Especially spiritually, I feel people are overstepping their boundaries.

It’s important that you give all your worrying and needs over to God. I’m learning to be an individual and more of myself as a princess 👑 of God everyday. It’s also a hard political times; as we watch our country struggle. There’s rumors about a fourth stimulus package 📦 but that’s all in the air.

Just Be Patient with yourself and those you love 💕. Be kind in the process but