Time With My Son

When I FaceTime’d My family yesterday my 7 year old wanted to see me. I was excited since I haven’t gotten to see him in a long time. First we went to 711; and Dad handed me $25. My little boy got recess pieces and a medium slur-pie… I got a pack of Teal American … Continue reading “Time With My Son”

Back To The Basics

I need to work on creating the best me there possibly is… After all nothing is new under the sun; but I am an individual who hasn’t been completely honest. I have had a bad cough for the last week and don’t know how long it will last. I got out of the hospital yesterday; … Continue reading “Back To The Basics”

Happy 4th Of July

It’s Almost 9AM 🇺🇸 and I’m planning on organizing my room. I have a huge stack of papers to go through & I plan on getting my stuff together for the move to the new house. Drinking coffee ☕️ and thinking about what I can do to help myself improve in the next couple of … Continue reading “Happy 4th Of July”

Juneteenth € 16 MM

Just blessed My House Manager wishing her a Happy Juneteenth 🥧 … 🌭 … 🍟 …🥤… Today has been an extremely blessed day 💕 !! I’m mostly Taiwanese & My Grandpa fought in the North Korean War! Everything happens for a reason! My Father sent me $50… As it’s Friday 💰… My Father also said … Continue reading “Juneteenth € 16 MM”

Red 🧮 Yellow 🍀

When we lost 😞 our currency of ⚽️🎶; My 🎸🗄 Boss : Lead the streets on Lancaster. Every mornings we drive by and we can barely hear the shootings or threats. These are the things we used to chase ❤️‍🩹🚨🚗 ⛩ !!!! Plan Correctly Dean, Officer, & Student 👩‍🎓 Personnel. As I ⚽️👩‍🎓🎶 walk : … Continue reading “Red 🧮 Yellow 🍀”


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