Friday’s Fall Favorites

I sorted through my clothes yesterday and found a lot of nice colored shirts 👚 (about 10 of them) and about 7 pairs of pants. I want to have a more pieced together wardrobe and define my personal style. Right now I’m wearing a multi-colored shirt and magenta pants that match my purse 👛. My … Continue reading

Thursday Thought-fullness

Me and my housemate went out today with our caseworker; first to McDonald’s and a gas station where I bought a pack of L&Ms and At McDonald’s I bought a large 🍟 fry and a large coffee ☕️. Then we went shopping and I didn’t buy much but three bags of candy and Pepsi. Then … Continue reading

Waking Up To Wednesday

Today’s Wednesday and we’re staying home from The Center. We woke up at 7AM and finished putting our stuff in the closet and taking our twin beds 🛌 to the room downstairs. Then our Care Taker gave us our medication 💊. When I woke up It was 6AM. We are having carpet replaced with laminate … Continue reading

Tuesday’s Team Work

What does it take to be a leader? In my opinion it takes some time to get used to the people you work with. Knowing you can trust people; and trying to gain trust in return. Once you have built good teamwork going relationships you need to take pride in the current moment and keep … Continue reading

Monday’s Moody Motivation

I’m glad I just got off my period. Drinking my last bit of coffee ☕️ and we had oatmeal & sausage for breakfast. It’s Monday & that means a fresh week at Heritage. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed as I am trying to go through my life’s categories binder writing ✍️ down notes from … Continue reading

Selfish Self🥰Care SunDay

You can tell when you’ve improved and when you take 10 steps forward; or 10 steps backwards. Do you compete for everything in your life? For example attention and financial stability. 10 Steps To 10 Steps Forward 1. Tell the truth about yourself & stop wearing the mask 😷 of denial. 2. Keep your secrets … Continue reading

Staying Safe on A Saturday

I am sitting here watching tv with my roommate and this morning I was able to sleep in a little while. I am happy to say that today is my little sister’s 24th Birthday. Yes; I’m happy she’s my sister but we don’t have a close relationship which is kind of frustrating. I miss her … Continue reading

Family & Friendship Friday

It’s Friday & My Dad deposited my $50 this afternoon. We had nachos for lunch and they were hard for me to eat. My caseworker is taking me to Wound Evolution and she’s picking me up soon. I need a new coil for my vaporizer & I don’t know when I will be able to … Continue reading

Thursday Thoughtfulness

The Pastor is driving us to Heritage and we enjoyed a good morning at our house. Drinking coffee & smoking cigarettes. We just had breakfast 🍳 and my phone is half full of battery 🔋 since I forgot to charge it last night. This morning I put my clothes in the washer. My caseworker and … Continue reading

Chloe & Miss Cookie

Our Family’s puppy dog Chloe died yesterday. I read the text that my Dad sent me around 7 o’clock last night this Morning. I’m sad to say she had a Brain 🧠 Aneurism & passed. Chloe was a sweet puppy; a carrier terrier. She was of old age and we had her a long time. … Continue reading


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