Mystical Halloween Saturday

May I ran into an old Hollywood Horror Relationship from scriptural parts of my past. In our scene was a pasture as if I were from Twilight. I woke up most Fridays and stayed there about 6 weeks. I find in each of us the power to heal or destroyer complex or widen up with “The Words Within”. When you are wrong you must make things right and the best way I can do that is share and write my story. Ever since I was a little kid about to be 9 and lived under Grandma Harleys care and protection.

I have been interested in Native American Culture. We have too many of these The Gang Fights and mainly their about who is better than who, whos trying to take what, and when we’ll make our big break. In life we have many choices and mine choice was to continue to work on what was important to me through any means until I could please my Dad. Though now I learned that that is an unsafe character trait. I am taking a course on sustaining the future.

If you are interested in Learning To Better Yourself understand there’s so many ways though it takes daily effort and upkeep. I have learned that relationships do take time and effort but during these economical socially deployable times things have gotten rocky. We have had to chose sides and remember who we are instead of reminisce about what we could have been.

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I'm 34 and I am learning to make something out of my life and taking it one step at a time. I deal with the relationships God has placed in my life and dealing with my mental disorders. I love my family and have live at Cave Care for almost 7 years. I love to learn and spend time reflecting on ways I can better relate to people and myself.

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