Waking Up Sunday

This is the second or third time I’ve written a similar post and what is it with people trying to take advantage and make their stuff so messy to fit into American Culture? Pride comes before the fall but what if I tried to keep some things private and some things safe and some things secure. After describing some things me and my housemates went through like temper tantrums and tips; we are noticing the Government using our inability to just sit in the hood and be quiet.

I bought a book for $10 at Target; one of our groups closest companions and my hand was tricked as I can tell. I have still not had surgery and my medication is up to three Zoloft’s a day. Why does everyone not understand boundaries and chakra and in my tools and friends Achy Breaky Heart “That’s Me!” from AKA did what? stole what? and asked for what?

It’s not about what is offensive it is about what is enough and once it’s in province and permeant marker you can’t take it away!!!