Saturday Service Postal

When my Dad came to pick me up we went to the Skillet and Grill in Arlington. He handed me two packs of Lucky Strikes and they fell beneath the seats of his hot red fiery truck. Now I’m sitting on my Pumpkin Bed sitting here thinking about the postal notary I just signed and how my Dad got stamps from Eagle Postal. I believe my Dad deserves a real Purple Heart!

Some people have gotten jealous and I found in my Woman Rights class to help your item and your person. Oh! how I would love to make Pumpkin Spice Lattes but the cost is so much and the prices have risen. We feel like were fixing and pulling people out of the grave, the grill, and the places I used to work that got hurt.

The Truth is sorta hurtful if you don’t have the right perspective on life. If you don’t have the right perspective on life you fall in the gutter and when you push all your relationships away most people won’t want anything to do with you.

Ever heard of the band The Postal Service; for some reason it seems people have hacked my ever working book and blog. As I seek help from my father. I have gotten in mediocre trouble with people and instead of working at Heritage sorting mail I’m working at Water Gate chasing Bill Gates Off with The Gang