Friday’s Fall Favorites

I sorted through my clothes yesterday and found a lot of nice colored shirts 👚 (about 10 of them) and about 7 pairs of pants. I want to have a more pieced together wardrobe and define my personal style. Right now I’m wearing a multi-colored shirt and magenta pants that match my purse 👛.

My caseworker is on his way to come pick me up from Heritage and we’re going to do something fun. I have my Wound Evolution appointment at 1:30PM. My fingers feel a lot better and I’m not going to have to have surgery.

I have $28 to go shopping today & I want to get some nice stuff for my room, or add some accessories to my wardrobe. I looked online and I have noticed how picky I am when it comes to shopping 🛍. I bought some lip gloss from my housemate who sales Avon. Two of them strawberry 🍓 and melon 🍈 for $3.

Thursday Thought-fullness

Me and my housemate went out today with our caseworker; first to McDonald’s and a gas station where I bought a pack of L&Ms and At McDonald’s I bought a large 🍟 fry and a large coffee ☕️. Then we went shopping and I didn’t buy much but three bags of candy and Pepsi. Then we went to the museum.

Being Thoughtful includes making time for others. I’m glad our caseworker was able to spend some time with us. Tomorrow he’s coming in the morning to spend time with me and my housemate again.

I’m sitting on the fresh carpet and folding clothes. On Tuesday & Thursday I call my Dad and we talk. I’m happy I get to see my parents Saturday. Although I won’t be able to see the little one.