Waking Up To Wednesday

Today’s Wednesday and we’re staying home from The Center. We woke up at 7AM and finished putting our stuff in the closet and taking our twin beds 🛌 to the room downstairs. Then our Care Taker gave us our medication 💊.

When I woke up It was 6AM. We are having carpet replaced with laminate floors. I am hoping to go to my parents house this Friday to sign the papers of adoption to my son.

Ways To Make Time For Family 👩🏻‍❤️‍👨🏻 When You Don’t Live Together or See each other daily.

1. Be open minded and seek professional help when needed. If your not seeing eye 👁 to eye; and you have to have a good future goal for yourself and being with the people you love 💕.

2. Love unconditionally & Forgive one another without bringing up the past.

3. Sort through your problems and see where you can fit the most important people in your schedule.

4. Be grateful and show them you care.

5. Be respectful and responsible for boundaries.

My Family relationships aren’t perfect but through working to improve myself and keep my word of not leaving The Group Home. I’m hoping to rebuild the bridges I have messed up. I I have faith that God will help me to be able to make amends and we can move past difficult times.

I have to learn to not make the same mistakes again and to keep going forward in life. Without dwelling on the past. The surgeon said yesterday that surgery was optional and that their healed up and to just keep them clean. They don’t hurt anymore and I am glad I didn’t have to have surgery. Oh! The scars and scabs of life.