Monday’s Moody Motivation

I’m glad I just got off my period. Drinking my last bit of coffee ☕️ and we had oatmeal & sausage for breakfast. It’s Monday & that means a fresh week at Heritage. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed as I am trying to go through my life’s categories binder writing ✍️ down notes from what I’ve learned about on Pinterest and in my courses.

It’s good to find what is at the core of your obstacles and to how to better define yourself. Though not through becoming codependent and denying yourself at someone else’s expense. I am responsible for my words, actions, and belief system without trying to make people feel upset that they don’t understand me.

I am responsible for my efforts, mistakes, and consequences. It’s important that I stay true to myself and my family and group. I go to see a surgeon tomorrow for my hand 🤚.

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