Staying Safe on A Saturday

I am sitting here watching tv with my roommate and this morning I was able to sleep in a little while. I am happy to say that today is my little sister’s 24th Birthday. Yes; I’m happy she’s my sister but we don’t have a close relationship which is kind of frustrating. I miss her and I haven’t seen her in a long time.

We had breakfast and our cigarettes and our coffee. I went to Mission Arlington yesterday after we went to Wound Evolution. I was able to get a cute pair of boots and three sweaters. I’m thinking about my personal style and how I can improve the way I look to feel better. I am thinking about the courses I have enrolled in.

I also made a card for Mrs. Charnel and painted a pumpkin from the craft kit I got at Target a few weeks back. I’m looking at ways to improve and grow my blog and online presence. Saturday’s are mostly days when I can catch up on online courses or cleaning and organizing my stuff.

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