Heritage & Home

I am sipping on the rest of my coffee; sitting 🪑 here and I just had oatmeal and a cigarette. Cannot go back outside till 12 o’clock and I need to cut down on smoking so many cigarettes.

I’m reading “The Explicit Gospel” by Matt Chandler. Or at least that’s the book 📚 I brought with me. I slept most of the weekend.

In this book 📖 I am reading about the fall of man. How Solomon tried to find pleasure but found it all meaningless. How perfection stopped with sin and it can’t be filled with anything but God.

I have tried to find this in the world 🌎 also; and I’ve learned and am learning to be happy where I am instead of making things worse.

Everyone is looking for meaning and happiness and fulfillment. These desires are the things that make us do what we do. I am content where I am.

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