First Of October

Waiting for my case worker and sitting here in the living room. My Dad just put my $50 💲 In My Venmo Account 🍀! I am going to Wound Evolution. This morning and we’re going to get some breakfast & coffee ☕️. I want to go to a Donut 🍩 Shop.

I’m sitting in the back yard smoking my vaporizer. It rained last night. As I am sitting outside I’ve been noticing the weather changing. My fingers are going to have to have surgery since the bone 🦴 is sticking out on the right hand 🤚 of my middle and ring finger. I’ve never seen as much snow ❄️ as when I got hurt.

My caseworker brought me Donuts 🍩 and there is a new caseworker with her. I’m at Wound Evolution about to get my hand looked at.