Wake Up To Working Wednesday

This week has gone by pretty fast; I am getting excited about Halloween. Also I go see My Primary Care Physician Thursday and The Wound Evolution Team on Friday. My hand is feeling a lot better; but I know it will be better when it’s all taken care of. Last Friday they said they’ll have to do surgery to remove the bone sticking out.

We’re trying to start a coffee fundraiser at the house. I woke up at 5 o’clock and one of the really nice guys here . . . I don’t want to state names; made a fresh pot of coffee. I woke up to a scary episode of NCIS and went outside to go smoke. I know I need to cut back on smoking. I just filled my vaporizer up with lychee vapor salt. It’s much cheaper to use my vaporizer although I bought a pack of Lucky Strikes and Supremes yesterday. I have about $30 in my Venmo and Chime.

Working today for my manager at Heritage; sorting mail and doing paper work. It’ll be my second day on the job. I look forward to eating breakfast and doing a good job at work. This morning I studied emotions on Coursera and I am learning that we can get to mutual understanding and respect.