Tuesday’s Thoughts

Yesterday I bought a large orange cream slush from Sonic when my case manager for the week picked me up to do my assessment. I also bought a pack of cigars. I started another course on coursera.org called “Positive Psychiatry & Mental Health”. My Depression scored a 5, My Anxiety a 7, My Stress an 11. I need to be monitoring symptoms and identifying strategies.

My Flourishing Score was a 53; and it stated that I have many Psychological Resources & Strengths. I’ve learned that the more I am learning on these subjects, the better I feel.

I love ❤️ learning about how to make myself a better person. I’m smoking a cigar; and thankfully I have been doing good on my meds. Drinking my second cup of coffee. It feels so nice outside; not quite sweater weather but I like the new header I made.