Psyche Meds & Slurpies

My case manager picked me up today and we went to Sonic where I got a red-white-and-blue slushy. I also had dinner with my family yesterday and went to 711 to get slushies. It’s the end of summer as fall is approaching us. My case manager dropped off my medicine; there’s like 6 different medicines I’m taking.

Here at the group home we take our medicine in the morning and at night. When the lady in charge hands out our meds when she gets here. Then again at dinner time when we are done eating dinner.

When your in a hard place you have to learn to do the best you can. Everyone has been very supportive upon my arrival from the hospital. I am safe here and am not going anywhere. I want to start improving myself; and knowing myself more. I want to know what it is that makes me . . . me. I have been back from the hospital for about two weeks now and the house workers have been very supportive. I have a new roommate; and waiting to move into the new house at Meadowbrook.

New Month Of August

It’s a new month and I’m thankful for all God has done in my life. We’re about to eat dinner and I’m thinking of the things I want to do this month. I’m getting dentures in a few weeks and I’m excited about having new teeth. God has really done a lot for me and I am looking forward to the future. Instead of beating myself up about the past. I want to do what is right and pleasing in the eyes of the Lord. One of the main and best ways I can do that is by doing what my parents and our house manager has/have/had ask me. That I stay at “The Group Home” and do my chores…

Instead of seeking adventure now that I’m 34…

I see the error of my ways and all the trouble I could have saved myself. I should have kept myself away from heartache and now I’m looking forward to just relaxing and going with the flow of life here and depending on God.