Reading The Bible At Home

I still haven’t finished my book “Captivated” by Staci and John Townsend; I’ll read another chapter today. I read Proverbs 20 – 21; this morning and I am so happy we have God’s word to abide by.

Woke up at 6:15AM; We had a rough night here at the group home. A new lady kept coming into me and my roommates room turning my lamp on and asking to use the phone at 11:45AM. Another new guy just left with a bad attitude; and he took my backpack that I lent to one of the guys here.

I just mentioned to my Home Manager that I had been blogging and she said she was proud of me. In my Instagram photos you can see the pictures of my fingers and the other day my Case Manager took me to JPS to get my hand looked at. They took x-rays and i gave blood although the Doctor said nothing was wrong with them and sent me home.

My Home Manager said it would be good to talk about my experiences and what goes on at the group home. I talked to my returning housemate and she said she was interested in starting a blog also; so I’m going to help her set one up. Hopefully when I get back from Heritage Day Care Center. The pastor is coming to pick us up in a little bit . . . about 30 minutes from now.

My other housemate goes to the center with me. The other ones went to Golden Choice. At the centers we have breakfast and lunch and we color or write. Sometimes we play BINGO and we watch movies or tv. I love getting my coffee in the morning and most of the time ask for a second cup. Most of us are in this situation because we are disabled; but that doesn’t mean any less of us. God made us all and all of us are special.