What A Typical Day Looks Like

I wake up normally around 7:45AM; and go smoke at 8AM. Then we wait for the Pastor to get here at about 10AM and go to Heritage Day Care Center. We eat breakfast and lunch there and I draw or write and we smoke cigarettes. Then head home at 2:30PM. Then we wait until dinner here at the house.

I have my roommate and we get along pretty good. I like staying at the Group Home. There hasn’t been too much that life has handed me that good God hasn’t helped me turn from. I want to see my family; and I hope my family life improves. I hope something comes to mind as far as goals and what I can do in the future.

My case manager comes by about three times a week. Today we went to Mission Arlington, but there was too many people and it was getting late. She gave me four adult coloring books and I bought a pack of Camel Crushes and a Slurpee at 711.