Last Day Of August

I am enjoying taking my online courses on coursera. Yesterday I completed my homework and I used my new notebook to take notes. I am taking Wellbeing, Parenting, and Poetry. Yesterday we went to the corner store which isn’t too far but in the heat it’s kind of far about a mile. I walked with my housemate to the store and bought two large cans of Big Red and a pack of supreme cigars. Our care giver just came by and gave us our medicine.

Then my case manager came by and we went to Brauhm’s and got a cookies and cream milkshake and a thing of fries. She asked me if I had ever done deep breathing exercises and if I would consider to stop smoking. I’m still waiting for my dentures and am excited about getting them; but more about how I’m going to take care of them and not lose them this time.

A few weeks ago on my Birthday one of my case managers bought me a Goals Journal. In the journal there’s Monthly Goals. For this month my goals were too,,,

My Top Three Core Values

  1. Family & Group Life
  2. Integrity & Persistence To Wellness
  3. God & Learning

My Goals We’re

  1. Receive and Take Care Of My Dentures
    Seems rushing things doesn’t help it’s the last day of the month and I still have two more sit downs with the dentist to receive my dentures. I am so thankful that my insurance is paying to get a pair of dentures. It’s been since 2016; since I’ve had teeth in my mouth. Called Medico this morning and they we’re closed.
  2. Set a Good Morning and Afternoon and Night Routine.
    I meant this to be good but seems I still haven’t achieved that goal. I want to have the best days I can and stop myself from being so lazy and really too start caring about life more. I still read lots of articles on Pinterest daily mostly while I’m at Heritage. Though seems our days lately have been geared towards smoking cigars or cigarettes and complaining. The planner I bought is being put in good use as a Gratitude Journal. I have had many days this month I have been blessed by.
  3. Stay At Group Home.
    I’ve learned the hard way to just stay home or only go out with trusted care-givers. I want to increase my safety and have my Family trust me more and more. I can improve through daily small actions and being accountable for what I am doing.
  4. Blank

Current Events

My little one got checked for Co-Vid19 and we’re happy to say he doesn’t have it. I bought him a toy car today, and me a notebook to do my assignments from Coursera in.

I’m watching the news; the United States has completed it’s Mission in Afghanistan. My Father is a Veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom. 6,000 Americans out of Afghanistan . . . They have been there for 20 years and now we can celebrate that they are home.

Being Careful

I hit my hand and started talking in some weird gibberish I don’t quite understand. I say I don’t understand it because I was embarrassed. Has anyone else ever had the feeling of being yourself but not quite sounding like yourself. This is something that has happened to me for the past seven to ten years. I think they call it imposter syndrome . . .

Anyway; The voices were talking about how the person couldn’t help that he doesn’t have health care. I am so lucky to be on SSDI; despite my many battles with insecurity. I have a great support system here and don’t want to make the mistakes I have before of leaving the safety and security I’m currently and hopefully will be in for a long time.

As the season is changing; I am starting to feel better. I just got my injection from MHMR Friday. Our weekend has been pretty uneventful and it’s been mostly calm and silent. Hoping to have a good day at Heritage Day Care Center.

My little one got checked for Co-Vid19 and we’re happy to say he doesn’t have it. I bought him a toy car today, and me a notebook to do my assignments from Coursera in.

I’m watching the news; the United States has completed it’s Mission in Afghanistan. My Father is a Veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom. 6,000 Americans out of Afghanistan . . . They have been there for 20 years and now we can celebrate that they are home.

Sunday Bible Study

I haven’t been involved in a Bible Study in a long, long, . . . time. Honestly the last time I went to church was over two months ago. I’m listening to Motivational Videos and researching how to do my morning Bible Study. I want to draw closer to God and really trust him. It says to not lean on your own understanding and that we’re not in charge.

Joyce Meyer’s : How To Study The Bible

I need a change in perspectives and my attitudes; lately my housemates have stated that I’ve become more like myself after I got out of rehab right before my 34rd Birthday. Don’t look at what you don’t have; look at what you do have and thank God for everything you already have. Trust God to restore your body, soul, mind, and spirit.

“And so this is still a live promise. It wasn’t canceled at the time of Joshua; otherwise, God wouldn’t keep renewing the appointment for “today.” The promise of “arrival” and “rest” is still there for God’s people. God himself is rest. And at the end of the journey we’ll surely rest with God. So let’s keep at it and eventually arrive at the place of rest, not drop out through some sort of disobedience.”

Hebrews 5 8 – 11

Every time I read God’s word I find insight and understand greater amounts about God’s love for all of us. I really needed this verse . . . I have given up too much and too easily. I don’t want to talk about how many times I have run away or how I dropped out of college. We are all on a journey; and my life has been better managed here. I stepped outside to smoke a cigarette while I was in the middle of the verse. One of our daily highlights of the day. Your opinion does or doesn’t matter; I respect you all because you have come to read my blog.

Reading The Bible At Home

I still haven’t finished my book “Captivated” by Staci and John Townsend; I’ll read another chapter today. I read Proverbs 20 – 21; this morning and I am so happy we have God’s word to abide by.

Woke up at 6:15AM; We had a rough night here at the group home. A new lady kept coming into me and my roommates room turning my lamp on and asking to use the phone at 11:45AM. Another new guy just left with a bad attitude; and he took my backpack that I lent to one of the guys here.

I just mentioned to my Home Manager that I had been blogging and she said she was proud of me. In my Instagram photos you can see the pictures of my fingers and the other day my Case Manager took me to JPS to get my hand looked at. They took x-rays and i gave blood although the Doctor said nothing was wrong with them and sent me home.

My Home Manager said it would be good to talk about my experiences and what goes on at the group home. I talked to my returning housemate and she said she was interested in starting a blog also; so I’m going to help her set one up. Hopefully when I get back from Heritage Day Care Center. The pastor is coming to pick us up in a little bit . . . about 30 minutes from now.

My other housemate goes to the center with me. The other ones went to Golden Choice. At the centers we have breakfast and lunch and we color or write. Sometimes we play BINGO and we watch movies or tv. I love getting my coffee in the morning and most of the time ask for a second cup. Most of us are in this situation because we are disabled; but that doesn’t mean any less of us. God made us all and all of us are special.

Back To School

I’d like to go back to school but first I need to contact my Colleges Academic Advisor to see in which direction my degree plan will work out. I know I have completed about 114 hours in Advertising and Public Relations. I haven’t done anything academically since I dropped out of UTA in February of 2017. It’s been six years; since I’ve done anything academically.

I did find however where I can take online classes for free. I enrolled in one called The Science Of Wellbeing. It’s online and I measured how happy I am and I scored a 2.3. I have been living here since 2016 and have a good number of friends. I am glad to be safe and protected by the house care givers here.

I haven’t been blogging lately; My Group Home manager said it would be good for me to start my blog back again earlier when my Dad took me and the family’s little guy to go buy laptops when we got out 2nd Stimulus check. I need to research the things I’d like to talk about in future blog post. I bought The Message and I’d like to read more of it and share with my readers what I am learning. I’d like to post at least three times a week.

Reasons To Love

Love is patient, love is kind, love doesn’t envy, it doesn’t boast, it holds no record of wrong. 1 Corinthians 13

The definition of resilience means being able to get back up after you have failed in someway. That’s one reason I love myself. After I have messed up I eventually come back to my senses and recognize what was wrong.

I have a good personality especially on my good days. I now have come to a point where I am not fighting with life and am actually going to God and people that are here to help me.

I have inner ambition and am happier when I am at my best instead of being depressed and upset.

What A Typical Day Looks Like

I wake up normally around 7:45AM; and go smoke at 8AM. Then we wait for the Pastor to get here at about 10AM and go to Heritage Day Care Center. We eat breakfast and lunch there and I draw or write and we smoke cigarettes. Then head home at 2:30PM. Then we wait until dinner here at the house.

I have my roommate and we get along pretty good. I like staying at the Group Home. There hasn’t been too much that life has handed me that good God hasn’t helped me turn from. I want to see my family; and I hope my family life improves. I hope something comes to mind as far as goals and what I can do in the future.

My case manager comes by about three times a week. Today we went to Mission Arlington, but there was too many people and it was getting late. She gave me four adult coloring books and I bought a pack of Camel Crushes and a Slurpee at 711.

Self-Care On The Weekend

Thinking about life lately; It’s Saturday Morning and I’m sitting on my bed with my writing materials. I went to eat Chinese food with my Dad yesterday. Lately I’ve been thinking of ways I can improve my life… I want to be there for everything in my life and start down a road of recovery.

Career and School; My mom and son are starting back to school soon. My Mom’s going to get her second Bachelors degree and my son is going to the 2nd grade. I have completed 114 hours of college in the Bachelors of Public Relations and Advertising. The last courses I took are Humanities and Production at Texas Wesleyan.

I want to start to improve my life by continuing to build my portfolio and writing more meaningful blog post. I may not be able to go back to school; but I can use what I have learned so far to grow as an individual.

Health & Looking Good, Product Review; I bought myself some make-up this week from Target and the dollar store. I bought a face powder and eyeliner from Target and some razors. After not shaving for a while it was really nice to be able too.

L. A. Colors Conceal Correct. L’OREAL True Match Super-Bendable Powder in neutral. This powder goes on so smooth and really feels good on my face. LAC Eyeshadow In Nude; I like light color eyeshadow. E.L.F. No Budge Retractable Eyeliner that’s black. Blush. E.L.F. Lipstick.

The Little Things

All the little things that we choose to go through in life; make up a big difference. I’m sitting on the bed going through the little things I own. I just went shopping with my case manager and bought some eyeliner, face powder, razors, and a sketchbook. Also I bought a purse that’s magenta by Wild Fable at Target. I spent about $36 . . . I had a real heart to heart with her and Now I’m working on my blog and thinking about all the things we talked about.

I haven’t been feeling too good; I have been really depressed and I want to go on a better path in life. One of sobriety and celebency; one where I am really rooted in Christ. She told me that I need three reasons that I really love myself.