Daily Chores & Parenting

Sitting on my bed at the Group Home; where I do most of my typing for my blog. I sent my parents a sweet text message; that they haven’t responded back too. Hopefully we are able to go eat dinner on Wednesday at Ninja Sushi for my Birthday. I’ll be 34 in two days; meaning I need to start following life rules better and stay in better health using all the help provided.

I love reading my new book “Cultivated” By John & Stasi Eldridge which I got a Goodwill; and it’s been a great means to getting me back in check to my Christian walk with the Lord. We just did the chores around the house . . . I helped by wiping down both bathroom counter surfaces and cleaning the toilets and sweeping the floor. Now that I’m almost 34; I’m finding it in myself that I want to do the right things.

I want to be there for my Family and my son; I have had a pretty rocky relationship with several good times in between since 2016. I had the best intentions on New Years of this year but seems I still messed up. That’s part of being human; but there must come an age where all of that has to end. I want my son to see that I really do care about him. I was so excited when he asked me to come over last Thursday; and I facetime my family on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.

Everything here is safe; and I can’t jeopardize my safety.
Time to start a new and healthier was of life that will benefit myself and my loved ones; as another chapter of my life comes to a close.

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