How I’m Spending The Weekend …

Going to stay sober this weekend; and mostly mind my own business. Going over to that trailer isn’t what’s idea for me. Especially since I’ve spent 20 Days in inpatient rehab and I told my Case Manager I wouldn’t go over there anymore. I am going to organize all my stuff this weekend. I still have a bad cough and I still don’t feel 100%!

I have the room to myself on Hightower St. and listening to T.A.T.U.; I went to Goodwill today and bought a hot pink and black backpack and a pair of Rainbow Stripped Nike sneakers.

Found my vaporizer; … be careful who you trust! I had a good day at Heritage Center. I won some Mike N’ Ike’s Tropical Typhoon. Just got done smoking a cigarette and talking with Dad on FaceTime. There’s no TV in here but I love my mini HP laptop.

I got two books today; Captivating by John & Stasi Eldridge and The Night Portrait by Laura Morelli. I need some more vapor oil and the weather is so hot that your ice cream would automatically melt.

Time With My Son

When I FaceTime’d My family yesterday my 7 year old wanted to see me. I was excited since I haven’t gotten to see him in a long time.

First we went to 711; and Dad handed me $25. My little boy got recess pieces and a medium slur-pie… I got a pack of Teal American Spirits & a medium slur-pie. At the house we went swimming and tried to get the printer 🖨 to print some bookmarks. Then we had Wendy’s for dinner.