Back To The Basics

I need to work on creating the best me there possibly is… After all nothing is new under the sun; but I am an individual who hasn’t been completely honest. I have had a bad cough for the last week and don’t know how long it will last. I got out of the hospital yesterday; and today I went to the Dentist with MHMR. Two more trips to the Dentist and I’ll be able to get my dentures. Doing my best to stay honest and helpful and considerate that I’m not welcome to where I was about the time I went in to the hospital the second time. Which means I am here at the house and won’t have anywhere to go.

Things happen for all sorts of reasons; the most important thing is too learn from the past and stop letting it control your life. I just got home from Heritage Day Care Center… After I went to the Dentist; where I was able to pick out the gum and teeth shade to my dentures… My case manager and I went shopping at the Dollar Tree.

I bought two coloring books, a journal, some pencil sharpeners, a coffee, and a puzzle for my little boy, and two bags of gummies. Waiting till 3:30PM to FaceTime with my folks.