Being Responsible

I went to 711 and bought the new kind of American Spirits called “Sky” and a large cup of coffee. I am too be responsible with the $50; that my Dad puts into my Venmo once a week. So far I have spent $10 at 711.

My Life Values Include; Authenticity, Accountability, Balance, Belonging, Career, Caring, Commitment, Cooperation, Creativity, Forgiveness, Friendship, Health, Grace, Growth, Health, Knowledge, Home, Reliability, Honesty, Resourcefulness, Help, Respect, Responsibility, Safety, Spirituality, and Teamwork.

  • For Authenticity I should stop being so Codependent & work on the best I can possibly be. Stop being so mean to myself & start doing the right things for myself & my family.
  • For Accountability; I owe it to my care givers to do the best I can everyday. Meanwhile; making the right choices and decisions that will benefit all of us.
  • For Responsibility I need to do what is asked of me the first time I am told. I am to stay at the Group Home & not wander off. Letting authority figures know where I am at all times & keep up with my stuff.

My Responsibilities Include; My Words, My Behavior, My Actions, My Efforts, My Mistakes, My Ideas, & The Consequents of my actions.

I’m having trouble with my WordPress at the moment. Certain things for WordPress aren’t working on my laptop.

My WordPress is not letting me update post on my laptop. I can only edit my blog through my iPhone 11.

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