Friday’s Full Charging In My Room

I am sitting on my floor in me and my room-mates room and I am happy to say I can finally charge my iPhone11. I walked about two miles to the Dollar General; after I got home from Heritage Day Care Center. My care provider at Heritage took me to Dollar Tree and to Family Dollar to help me find a charger. They didn’t have one and when I went to Metro PCS; the charger was $25. I went to Dollar General and it cost $17 for a Duracell iPhone charger.

Today my care provider at Heritage Center… Called Amerigroup; to enroll me into the program.

I haven’t opened my laptop since I have gotten my phone. We have been moving and so far I’ve been in this room for almost a week. Eating Taki’s & Watching Fox 4 News. I need to sort through my things; yesterday Dad took me to Wal-Mart & we bought two light blue boxes; one for clothes & one for everything else.

We’re moving soon to a pink house on Meadowbrook.

Mother’s Day Is This Weekend !!!

I plan on staying home this weekend and hopefully my Dad and son take me out to eat Chinese Food on Sunday when they get out of church. I love my mother so much and she has always done the best she can for us.

In The group home there is 5 women; all from different walks of life. I worked on a drawing for my family for the special occasion and I’m planning on giving the picture to them on Mother’s Day.

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