Doodling & Patiently Waiting To Do Laundry

Today is laundry day; before I moved out of my parents house; I remember days when I would stand in front of my mothers washer and dryer and do loads of laundry. I had a good life back then with my parents & lately I’m emotionally missing them; thinking of all the ways I had been disrespectful to them & myself in my 20’s up till recently. It’s been 2 months (Since I got back from H.E.B. Mental Hospital in Denton) & 2 weeks since I’ve gotten back from JPS & I’ve been doing better each day.

Waiting patiently is really what matters. I know now that all the times I’ve left with a bad attitude to do something destructive about 5 to 7 times; was the wrong choice. I am thankful that SSDI & my parents; help me every month to pay my rent of $675 & Dad sends $50 through Venmo every Friday.

Holding on to what you have & not getting involved in other people’s business; while at the same time being helpful & kind; is something that has become more important to me. I am wanting to become dedicated to the “Long Term Help” I have & am receiving each day.

Being Responsible

I went to 711 and bought the new kind of American Spirits called “Sky” and a large cup of coffee. I am too be responsible with the $50; that my Dad puts into my Venmo once a week. So far I have spent $10 at 711.

My Life Values Include; Authenticity, Accountability, Balance, Belonging, Career, Caring, Commitment, Cooperation, Creativity, Forgiveness, Friendship, Health, Grace, Growth, Health, Knowledge, Home, Reliability, Honesty, Resourcefulness, Help, Respect, Responsibility, Safety, Spirituality, and Teamwork.

  • For Authenticity I should stop being so Codependent & work on the best I can possibly be. Stop being so mean to myself & start doing the right things for myself & my family.
  • For Accountability; I owe it to my care givers to do the best I can everyday. Meanwhile; making the right choices and decisions that will benefit all of us.
  • For Responsibility I need to do what is asked of me the first time I am told. I am to stay at the Group Home & not wander off. Letting authority figures know where I am at all times & keep up with my stuff.

My Responsibilities Include; My Words, My Behavior, My Actions, My Efforts, My Mistakes, My Ideas, & The Consequents of my actions.

I’m having trouble with my WordPress at the moment. Certain things for WordPress aren’t working on my laptop.

My WordPress is not letting me update post on my laptop. I can only edit my blog through my iPhone 11.

Blogging & Moving Forward

I have had my blog since January & I have noticed some things that irritate me about my blogging. For instance according to a post the average of a post should be 2,000 words. Also I need to be more in depth about who and what I am & stand for as an online entrepreneur.

Right now; I’ve been posting about my day to day and not driving too much traffic to my site. At the moment I’m using my iPhone 11 to do my post & WordPress wouldn’t allow me to post from my HP Laptop.

During the days of the week; I go to Heritage Day Care Center and I have been posting a lot about it. The Pastor; picks me up about 9:30AM to 10AM. Then as soon as we arrive; we have breakfast and coffee.

My little sister graduates from UTA today & I’m happy for her. Both of my sisters have graduated from UTA. My Mom; has also graduated from UTA and she’s thinking about going back to school. I have completed my Junior year at UTA & have completed Humanitarian Arts & Production at Texas Wesleyan. I’m hoping I can get student loan forgiveness.

I want to provide more content for my readers & start doing more for JF-Designs. I was recently accepted into “UTA’s AD & PR Network”.

Tuesday’s Trip Together

After I came into Heritage Care Center. We had sausage and gravy biscuits with a cup of coffee. Then we loaded up on the bus & went to 711. I spent $8.38 on a pack of Marlboro Black 100’s and a large Big Gulp of Horchata. Then we went to “Little Caesar’s” to pick up pizzas 🍕 for lunch.

I wrote down yesterday I wasn’t going to buy anymore cigarettes since I got my vaporizer but I bought some anyways. I have been searching on Pinterest & Coloring & Drawing some pictures.

It’s rainy here & I wish inspiration would find me. My son gets out of school on the 25th & he said “You Better Sign The Adoption Papers!”

Happy Mother’s Day

My Dad and Son; came by at 12:30pm and dropped me off back home at 2:15pm. We went to go eat Chinese Buffet & To Luxor’s Vape Shop. I enjoyed their company and got plenty to eat.

Regis ❤️ Aegis Hero.

This vape is smaller than the teal one I had purchased last year & with two bottles of liquid cost was $75. The flavors I got are caramel cappuccino and tigers blood.

I told Dad thank you for spending time with me on Mother’s Day.

Friday’s Full Charging In My Room

I am sitting on my floor in me and my room-mates room and I am happy to say I can finally charge my iPhone11. I walked about two miles to the Dollar General; after I got home from Heritage Day Care Center. My care provider at Heritage took me to Dollar Tree and to Family Dollar to help me find a charger. They didn’t have one and when I went to Metro PCS; the charger was $25. I went to Dollar General and it cost $17 for a Duracell iPhone charger.

Today my care provider at Heritage Center… Called Amerigroup; to enroll me into the program.

I haven’t opened my laptop since I have gotten my phone. We have been moving and so far I’ve been in this room for almost a week. Eating Taki’s & Watching Fox 4 News. I need to sort through my things; yesterday Dad took me to Wal-Mart & we bought two light blue boxes; one for clothes & one for everything else.

We’re moving soon to a pink house on Meadowbrook.

Mother’s Day Is This Weekend !!!

I plan on staying home this weekend and hopefully my Dad and son take me out to eat Chinese Food on Sunday when they get out of church. I love my mother so much and she has always done the best she can for us.

In The group home there is 5 women; all from different walks of life. I worked on a drawing for my family for the special occasion and I’m planning on giving the picture to them on Mother’s Day.

Dirty Laundry & Cleaning Up

I was so tired yesterday; and I slept a good bit. I moved into a different room and I need to do laundry today. There’s so much we do and need to do; to be healthy and living in a comfortable environment.

711 Curator #2478

When I was about 26; I moved into “Cave Care”. Right now I’m at “Heritage Center”. I worked on a picture for my family for “Mother’s Day!” I’ve been going to “Heritage Center” for the past month and a half.

I’ve been back since March 12th; almost 3 months. We are about to move to another house soon and It’s this pretty pink house on Meadowbrook; just for us ladies. This Sunday is “Mother’s Day” and hopefully I can see my family.

Monday Motivation

God put us all here for a reason but one of the main reasons is too learn. I was kind of hurt when my son asked me earlier this year “why are you here?”. I didn’t Answer the question and instead I got upset & emotional.

I am trying not to let all my emotions be bottled up and looking for the best ways to express these feelings. I shouldn’t run to hurtful hang ups or habits as a way to escape but look into the future of how I can make the life God has given me one of purpose and commitment.

A rocky start to the year; but through communication and striving to want to see my life turn out better. Life has improved significantly and although we are here to help & do the best we can; we don’t need to get to hard on ourselves.

May First & MHMR

It’s the start of a new month and Yesterday afternoon; I went to Mission Arlington with a housemate and my case manager. I received 5 outfits, & some bath & beauty supplies, & 2 pairs of shoes.

We moved into the Hightower house & are staying here for the month. Until we move into the new house on Meadowbrook. I want this month to be a good and productive month.

Things To Do At The Start Of The Month:

1. Set Goals in each of the following categories

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Intellectual
  • Spiritual
  • Educational
  • Financial

2. Organize Your Room

3. Plan For The Month

We all have our ups and downs and ins and outs. There are somethings that are good for your and others that aren’t. There are good people and bad people. You have to make your choice and learn from your past.