Thanks For Graduation and Graduation Knights

Today I woke up at 8:30AM; thinking my Dads “too nice” and In all reality #mama is too. Deleterious roommate and I; are trying to keep her alive. I mean there’s a whole lot to do around here when Mr. Perry comes to town. Long nights & Long days just to keep what I have and had sacred.

“Eating your own words!!! Is gonna hurt you big time!!! Big Tyler!!!” “Help isn’t for free around here” she thinks before watching her household. If only I had known now what I would have known then; but it’s ok you didn’t know me back then.

My Dads sleepy driving truck approached as I go to the driver window like a little roller blading sonic girl working Brandon’s last dollar at sonic. Dad hands me $50.

Today Is Graduation Day @ CVS XING Crosswalk

$50; I run a small business called JF-Designs. I walked to the corner store area & see a group of “Amigos and Amigas are sparse!”

I see my sister & my boss; with eyes set on Dollar General. “The ones with the piss colored bags!” & For My $3 notebooks in black, red, and blue. All with notes to help myself but somebody’s breaking all my codes. My MRN # is #51119446 & I owning #9 vaporizers and #100 pencils and in Prozac Nations house gets no sleep with a God from POD Like Harley Davidson @&Jean Davidson!

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