Gutten Morgen – Planning More Alignment

It’s 6;40AM; This morning God is placing on my heart the verse of Matthew 6 : 31 – 33; “So do not worry, saying ‘What Shall We Eat? or ‘What Shall We Drink?’ (or ‘Where Should We Go?’), or ‘What Shall We Wear?’ For the pagans run after all these things, (God, I Don’t want to be a pagan, I Want To Be A Loved Daughter Of Yours!) & Your Heavenly Father Knows That You Need Them. But Seek First His Kingdom & His Righteousness (To Thine Be The Glory Great Things He Hath Done; It doesn’t say to me oh my be myself & My selfish Righteousness) and all of these things will be given to you as well.”

Dear Darling;

God made us all special each one of us, with our own unique gifts, talents, and qualities. When it comes to life quality is better than quantity. I must stay in this place of safety; learning and doing right for those around me. God, keeps me strong & being in God’s Word keeps me strong and away from temptation.


The Difference It Makes When Using A Planner Vs.
Scrolling Through Your Day Like A Lost Bunny On A Trail Of Mix 92.1FM.

First things First; I need to buy myself another planner… The last one got lost when I went camping…

I don’t know how many people are crazed by the thought of using a good daily planner. There are several ways to operate a new planner but the thought just came to me to self regulate using a daily planner. Since I’m struggling; although I’m doing good at the moment through all the research I’m allotting myself.

My Payee uses Zelle to provide me my money; so right now I’m waiting to recieve the $50 he tried to send me yesterday.


  • Setting A Good Example For The Younger Generation
  • Moral & Spiritual Inventory; God already knows what’s wrong with us before we ever start to seeking for help or getting into a good or bad situation. Celebrate Recovery
  • Reliving & Finishing My Degree; Circumstances
  • Relationships & Commitment
  • Seeing What Fits Me Best & What Doesn’t


  • Smoking Cigarettes; it’s not that I was stressing but I have been smoking way too much.
  • Medication
  • Money
  • Social Provisions
  • Water Intake


  • Goals
  • MHMR
  • Accountability
  • Affirmations

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