Safety Around Friends

I have to stay safe; this is one of my top priorities. Today is laundry day; and I just got home from the center. I am starting to do good again; and I have finally come to terms that I have the resources and ability to become better over the course of the year and into the following decade. Only as long as I stay doing the right things and keep myself from anything that is not good for me. There comes a time when everyone grows up; my 34th birthday is in 4 months. I hope this is a season that I can have commitment to The Lord & To my family by showing them I am dedicated to improving life and living on life’s terms.

Some people love to build people up and some people like to tare people down. After all we are all different; never mistake someone’s kindness for weakness. It’s better to be patient; and kind in my opinion but too not get taken advantage of. I’m playing Scrabble Go with my family; on my new iPhone 11.

I love my Family more than anything and the last thing I want to do is forever destroy the daily progress we have made to forgive each other. I struggle or have struggled with running away from my problems & making things a bigger deal than they are. Instead I MUST STAY & TRUST; that God is taking care of me for the rest of my life.

It’s Important To …

❤️ Have Mutual Respect

❤️ Always use common courtesy

❤️ Discuss What Matters

❤️ Empathy Instead of Apathy

❤️ Share In Hardships Together

❤️ Don’t Go Off Alone By Yourself

❤️ Try To Understand The Misunderstood

❤️ Hold A Higher Moral Respect

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