My New Shoes

I’ve been wanting to work on my self-compassion; and doing good and being productive is better than doing nothing but smoking cigarettes and complaining about the odds and ends of life, I know it’s harder out there than the comfortable life I live here. I want my new shoes to lead me the way to doing only what’s right and sticking to faithfulness with my friends here and family. They are important to me and in the past a few times I have showed the opposite of faithfulness. Now’s the time to turn over a new leaf; and turn to a more Christian perspective of keeping myself, my people, and my things safe.

Yesterday I got a chance to FaceTime my little guy. He says he didn’t like his last gift I got him. Life is more important than stuff. I mean stuff is important and one thing I have learned is we are to be of good stewards of everything the Lord has put into our lives. In a second God could take everything away from us. We are not mind readers but we are too be aiming to do the best we can for ourselves when trials come.

My Case Manager met me at the Center; and we went to Citi-Trends. Where I bought a new pair of Light Pink FILS. I want to see these shoes do good and not lead me anywhere I’m not supposed to go. Too slow down in life and realize that everything isn’t a race. To learn from all the wise sayings My Parents, and God, and Role Models have told me. There’s a lot of things we can learn if we take the time.

I want to learn how to take better care of myself; I’m getting my hand looked at soon. Instead of focusing on my flaws and weaknesses; I can use this time to heal and learn to love myself and do good for myself which will help other aspects of my life; for example the relationship with my family, & maybe education & career after commitment issues are dealt with.

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