Coping Strategies

I have been back in the Group Home; since March 12th since I got out of HEB Hospital. I am glad I am back and I have shared several good times here. In those trying times I shouldn’t have left; I should have drawn closer to the Word of God and to my family and the friends I have here. It’s just not safe to go off by yourself.

Today I’m talking about coping strategies; ways to get you through the hard days. When the world is working against you and all you really want to do is succeed. Though; you get hard on yourself there has to be something to get you through. It’s not by running away from the problem but trying your best to be present, aware, and knowing how to cope.

Self Soothe

Help yourself calm down using the five senses.

  1. Sight; right now I can see my lamp, my laptop, my fingers.
  2. Touch; I just got a new Hello Kitty Doll from one of my house mates.
  3. Smell; I sprayed some perfume.
  4. Sound; I can hear the TV in the other room.
  5. Taste; we had McDonalds for dinner.

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