Family On The Weekends

I’m not the one to bad mouth someone and I know that a lot of us are hurting. Getting older; I’ve realized that relationships can be a good or bad thing. The Relationship with my family a good thing, something I shouldn’t share in too much detail about and be careful not to post anything about them online. Only focusing on my relationship with my reader and myself. I love my family and we have had a good time this weekend. This weekend was my Dear Dad’s 58th Birthday.

When my son was born, I got really depressed and I had just started college at Tarrant County College at Northeast Campus. I had postpartum depression and a negative attitude about things happening around me. I got help from Millwood & JPS Hospital.

My Family and I like music and art. I have my ART BOARD on (1) Pinterest. Looking through the Art Therapy Section; recently I’ve been thinking of going to The Art Center but later changed my mind. I am just working on independent studies and trying to do the best I can. Right now that’s all we can do. Dad told me in the Truck that “It’s important to just wait things run their course because things will always get better you just have to be patient.” and “You know running away doesn’t help anything in your situation.”

I’m happy to say that I had a good weekend with my family this weekend. I am blessed I have them in my life. Never neglect what the Good Lord has given you. I hope that we can make this another good week and Happy Martin Luther King Day.

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