Becoming the “Girl Boss” I Want To Be

A “Girl Boss” Is; Confident & Independent; a woman who takes charge of her life. Being a go-getter and taking responsibility for my words, actions, and living a purposeful life.

Every day is a fresh start and a new day to make things happen. Lately these days have been used for research for things to share or just journal and improve my quality of life. Though; perfectionism is not something I wish to attain but to become a better version of myself is definitely a goal I have in mind.

Some Of The Things I’m Researching In My Prayer Journal Include:

  1. Being more responsible for my actions.
  2. Being a pleasure to be around.
  3. Boundaries
  4. Building Better Relationships
  5. Patience
  6. Moving Past Depression
  7. Working Through The Past
  8. Having Faith In The Future
  9. Growing In Christ
  10. Stop Taking Everything Personally

Learning is a progressing goal; of having confidence and becoming a more independent woman in life. Today is my Dad’s 58th Birthday; Happy Birthday Dad – I Love my Dad! He’s a good positive role model in my life. I turn 34 this year on July 28th and I want to make this year a good one. By staying true to my commitments and attaining goals I have set for myself.

I want to become more self motivated and driven to succeed through the resources available to me. I want to succeed in my business and my career goals. Taking one small step at a time to become the ambitious woman God created me to be.

Websites About Being A Boss Babe
(Girl Boss Pinterest Board)

16 #BossLady Habits You Should Develop Now – EndThrive

8 TED Talks Every Woman Needs To Watch – Boss Babe Chronicles (

12-ways to Level Up and Become a Girl Boss – Faith Ola’s Blog

For My readers; As I grow in my relationships with my online presence I want to do my best to be responsible for what I post and to strive to help those around me and do my best everyday. Although; I’m glad I decided to come back to the Group Home in October. I want to be careful not too share too much personal information but rather focus on giving you all meaningful content to help you in your daily walk of life.

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