Making Smart Decisions & Having Priorities In Life

Today I would like to learn about setting priorities and setting out to make smart decisions. As well as covering topics like time management and how to best understand what you stand for. On the 20th President Trump is Inaugurated and with a new President comes new challenges. I know that one of my main priorities shouldn’t be smoking as many cigarettes; but the habit is a strong one.

My word of the year is Family; and I have a great time with mine. So one of my Top Priorities should be Family & Quality Time. I also read my bible this morning and my devotionals. My mom gave me a my sisters Journalism Bible and I want to read it more the more I get to depend on God.

Another word I am using this year to help is Success; I am glad to know that people still have faith in me that I can do good in life. I don’t have to run away or be too hard on myself. Knowing and coming to terms that each day is a victory and life is hard but I am tougher and smarter than I know. Even if that means I am too smart for my own good.

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My Morning Routine; I Wake Up About 7AM & Go To Bed About 8:30PM.

First thing I like to do in the morning is wake up and smoke a cigarette with my instant coffee. This is before the help arrives to the house and everyone is up in the morning. For example; I woke up at 6:30AM and did that then I read “Our Daily Bread” and “Too Blessed To Be Stressed” and read my bible passage from Genesis and Matthew. Next I journaled about a page and a half and looked at what I wanted to work on today. Today I need to do research about my mental disorders in order to better understand them. I have Bipolar depression and mania; and have had it since I was 11 years old.

Getting Focused; First there’s my relationship with God the Father; I recently rededicated my life to Christ in November of last year and learning to lean on him in times of trouble. Next is getting the help I need from my insurance and mental health and rehabilitation. Then my relationship with my Family; I want to be supportive and enjoy the good times we share together. Next is my education and learning how to further my career and setting up JF-Designs & hopefully blog for profit. Finally there is my list of goals and things I want to work on in this year.

My Night Time Routine; I am developing one but normally I just shut everything off and go lay in bed. My depression has been really hard for me lately and I am tired at the end of the day. Although; I need to do better at this I am going to come up with and discuss some ideas that can better manage my time before I go to sleep.

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